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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 227 - : I Object

Chapter 227: I Object

“Wu Zhong is a retired soldier. Although it is inconvenient for him to move around with only one leg, judging by his capabilities, I can assure you that he is better than most of the security guards that we have! I don’t have to worry about anything by leaving him to take care of the hospital’s safety! I’m telling you, I’m not only going to make him one of our security guards! After one month, I will promote him and let him be the supervisor of the security department!”

Jiang Yao’s words were strong and powerful.

“I object!” Mr. Qin finally recovered from the shock. “Even if he was a soldier, does it matter how awesome he was? Without a leg, he is still disabled, he…”

Jiang Yao forced every single word coming out from Mr. Qin’s mouth back into his stomach by tossing a pen toward him.

“Mr. Qin, I’m warning you. I do not want to hear you insult a soldier or a retired one for the third time!” She had no tolerance for any insult toward soldiers because her Lu Xingzhi was also a soldier, and he was her pride!

Jiang Yao pointed at Mr. Qin and gently wagged her finger. “Remember my warning! No mistakes shall be repeated for the third time!”

Then, Jiang Yao spoke to Chen Zhibin who was standing at the side and could hardly contain his anger, “Please help me to bring Wu Zhong here.”

“Jiang Yao, I’m staying here!” The atmosphere surrounding them was intense at that time, it was impossible for Chen Zhibin to leave Jiang Yao alone to face all the people there. He was afraid that they might start a fight and his brother’s wife would be at a disadvantage.

The director wiped his perspiration. “I’ll go, I’ll go…”

He then walked out of the conference room and called a passer-by to bring Wu Zhong into the conference room.

Perhaps it was because of the director’s urging, Wu Zhong made a fast appearance. He could feel the intense atmosphere once he stepped into the conference room. After he stepped inside, he walked toward Jiang Yao and Chen Zhibin immediately.

“Miss Jiang, are you looking for me?” Wu Zhong addressed Jiang Yao as Miss Jiang at the hospital.

“Brother Zhong, Mr. Qin doubts your capabilities. Therefore, I need you to come here and prove your capabilities to him.” Jiang Yao raised her leg to drag the chair over and sat on it. “Since Mr. Qin does not believe that you are capable of this job, you should go and have a match with Mr. Qin.”

Jiang Yao looked at Mr. Qin whose face was dark and cold, and she laughed, “Mr. Qin, I’m asking you, a healthy man with four limbs and has been well-fed with nutritious food for your entire life, to have a match with the so-called cripple. You’re at an advantage, but it doesn’t matter, I, Jiang Yao, will allow you have an advantage for today!”

Once she was done talking, Jiang Yao let Wu Zhong confront him and told Wu Zhong directly, “Brother Zhong, just go all out. Show him the skills that you have back when you were serving in your platoon. Don’t let Mr. Qin underestimate you. It’s perfectly normal to have a few scratches and injuries here and there in a fight. I believe that Mr. Qin will not complain about such a minor thing.”

What she truly meant was asking Wu Zhong to punch Mr. Qin with all his might and go all out.

“Brother Zhong! Just listen to Miss Jiang! Punch him to your heart’s content!” Chen Zhibin cheered for Wu Zhong. In other words, he was reminding Wu Zhong to relax, follow what Jiang Yao said and punch him with everything he had.

Wu Zhong heard them and it was just impossible for him to remain standing there like a log. He did not care much about Mr. Qin who was trembling with anger in his seat. He lifted Mr. Qin up from his seat with only one hand and punched the man’s shoulder without a second thought.

The turn of events was too sudden. At that particular moment, Mr. Qin’s curses and cries for help in pain could be heard. The director, Mr. Feng, and the others were all terrified. They stood up from their seats and moved backward toward the door. They were really afraid that they would receive a random punch from Wu Zhong.

Wu Zhong’s punches landed relentlessly on Mr. Qin. Just by listening to Mr. Qin’s cries, they could feel the pain on their bodies.

“Help! He’s trying to kill me!” Mr. Qin was rolling while crawling toward his chair. He quickly grabbed his phone to call the police.