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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 222 - Warm and Caring Family

Chapter 222: Warm and Caring Family

Jiang Yao gave it a thought and presumed that God must have spent a little more time on her.

In her maiden family, her parents and brothers adored her. In her husband’s family, her in-laws cherished her, and her husband pampered her.

Her family was not very wealthy. When they went to school, whenever there was any fee to submit, her parents would give the money to her first, then only would they go around to borrow some more money to give to her brothers. The teachers often punished the students who did not pay the fees within the deadline to stand by the corridor. Her brothers were punished plenty of times because of this, she knew it must have been very humiliating and embarrassing although she never experienced it before.

The Jiang family was not rich, but none of them had ever let the only daughter in the family to feel sorrow and upset because of money.

As she thought about the past, she was suddenly homesick. She missed both her parents, in-laws and her brothers.

“I’m gonna go make a phone call at the balcony,” Jiang Yao said to her roommates as she took her phone and walked toward the balcony.

“You’re calling someone~” Wen Xuehui teased and giggled.

“I’m calling home,” Jiang Yao relented, and then she called the Lu family’s number.

The phone was picked up after a few rings, it was Mrs. Lu at the other end of the line. She had just finished lunch and had not taken her nap yet.

“Mom, it’s me,” Jiang Yao said, “How are you? Have you and dad had lunch already?”

Mrs. Lu was stunned when she heard Jiang Yao’s voice over the phone, but she was delighted too. “Yes, we just finished lunch. How are you? How’s school? What about your roommates and classmates? Are they all friendly? Do you have enough money to spend? Let me know if you need more money.”

“Yes, I have enough.” Jiang Yao thought for a while before saying, “Actually, Xingzhi gave me his paycheck bankbook before school started.”

Mrs. Lu was shocked by the remark but she did not say anything about it.

“Oh yes, Mom, this is my mobile phone number. Xingzhi bought me a phone when the semester started, saying that it is more convenient for us to contact each other,” Jiang Yao said, “Please jot down my number later, you can call me anytime you want.”

“Ah! Okay! It’s really convenient to have a phone with you nowadays,” Mrs. Lu replied. She did not think that it was a waste for her son to spend money on a mobile phone, instead she thought that it was a practical purchase.

Jiang Yao knew that her in-laws had the habit of taking a nap after lunch, so she chatted for just a short while before ending the call.

Mrs. Lu went back to her room after the call. Her husband asked, “Who was it?”

“Yaoyao,” Mrs. Lu said, “she said Xingzhi bought her a mobile phone.”

“Good!” Mr. Lu had the same reaction as Mrs. Lu. “She is alone outside the province, it’s more convenient and easier for her to contact anyone.”

“And also, Xingzhi gave her his paycheck bankbook.” When Mrs. Lu mentioned this, she was not upset, but there was a vague feeling that her son had grown up into an adult, and he finally had his own small family. The feeling could be described as a little bitter and sour.

“So be it. It’s something between them, we better not interfere with their decision. We don’t need Xingzhi to support us monetarily, he doesn’t need all that money in the base, Yaoyao is studying, she definitely needs to spend some money while she’s at school. It’s normal for our son to give her the bankbook.”

Mr. Lu turned around and asked when he saw the weird look on his wife’s face, “Why? What’s wrong? Are you afraid Xiaoyao will spend the money lavishly?”

“No, of course not.”

Mrs. Lu knew Jiang Yao very well. She would not simply spend the money even though she was quite loaded.

After a while, Mrs. Lu sighed in relief. Her husband was right, the children were adults now, it was up to them to mind their own business.