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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 221 - Money to Burn

Chapter 221: Money to Burn

After hearing what Lin Qiaoyu said, the other five girls turned and glued their eyes to Jiang Yao’s flat belly.

“Hey, hey! Stop staring at my belly!” Jiang Yao covered her belly and frowned at them. Moe’s smirk resonated from her bag, she curled her palm into a fist and punched the bag twice, and then huffed in satisfaction when Moe squeaked an ‘ouch!’.

“I’m not pregnant! You guys have pretty absurd imaginations!” Jiang Yao pointed at her bag and said, “I bought it for Moe, it doesn’t like eating dried fish or cat food lately.”

“Can cats eat these?” Wen Xuehui frowned, curious.

“Yes, that’s what we feed our cats back in my hometown, it’s fine.” Jiang Yao was pretty quick in making up a reasonable bluff, she did not even blink her eyes or blush when she told the lie.

“Oh, I see.” Lin Qiaoyu, on the other hand, was the one who blushed timidly. “I’m sorry, I’m overthinking it.”

Actually, it was normal for Lin Qiaoyu to think of it that way. After all, Jiang Yao was married and it seemed that she had a good relationship with her husband. Hence, when she noticed that Jiang Yao’s appetite had increased tremendously, she could not help but think of her sister-in-law’s shocking food intake during her pregnancy.

“Now that you mention it, I also noticed that Moe hasn’t been eating much the past few days. It stopped touching the cat food after only two bites, it didn’t even look at the dried fish when I offered it one,” Zhou Xiaoxia exclaimed, “Your cat is really special.”

As soon as they returned to the dorm after lunch, before Jiang Yao could even put her bag away, Moe jumped out of Jiang Yao’s bag and urged her while tugging at the takeaway box. Reluctantly, the first thing she did was to pour lunch into Moe’s special large feeding bowl.

Finally, Jiang Yao came up with another conclusion about Moe—not only was it a lecherous cat, but it was also a glutton!

Just look at what it picked for lunch! Sweet and sour pork ribs! Fried ribs! Braised ribs! It ate nothing but ribs in a single serving! She wondered if it would ever be concerned about indigestion with all these ribs going through its tiny little digestive system.

Squatting beside Moe, Zhou Xiaoxia watched as Moe ate its lunch with great pleasure. After watching for a while she sighed leisurely and said, “Jiang Yao, your cat’s meals are better than all of us combined.”

Three servings of meat were not cheap even by the cafeteria’s standard. Most of them had limited monthly allowance when they left their hometown to further their studies here, they did not have the luxury to have meat in their meal on a daily basis, yet, Jiang Yao’s pet was having three servings of meat for lunch alone.

Zhou Xiaoxia was merely lamenting about the fact that rich people’s pets enjoyed a better life than they did, but it was not out of malicious jealousy. She was aware of, and understood, the social disparity between the rich and the poor. She was grateful that she could come here to further her studies and be provided a monthly allowance that was enough for her to live comfortably.

Li Yi and Lin Qiaoyu heard Zhou Xiaoxia’s sigh and only then did they find out that Moe was having three servings of meat in its bowl. Reflexively, they glanced at Jiang Yao who was tidying up her books and bag.

Since the first day, they could tell that Jiang Yao came from a wealthy family, but they never expected her to be so rich, she did not seem to frown in dismay or exasperation when she packed such a hearty lunch for her pet.

As a so-called animal, Moe, did not care about the price tag, it only cared about which dishes attracted it.

Before Jiang Yao left for college, her in-laws gave her a hefty amount of money as her living expenses, her parents gave her pocket money, even both her brothers gave her a lot of money to cover for her college expenses. She could afford a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Lu Xingzhi also gave her some money when they were at the airport.

Not forgetting the fact that Lu Xingzhi’s bankbook was in her possession too. He had been depositing his salary into the account since his first paycheck and never used it, it contained a large sum of money. However, with all the money she obtained from her loved ones, she did not even have to touch the money in the bankbook.