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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 220 - Big Eater

Chapter 220: Big Eater

They speculated that the girl must have had a special kind of relationship with the Qi family, either Mr. Qi’s illegitimate daughter or his mistress. Otherwise, why did the Qi family keep their mouth tightly shut about her, to the point where not even a word had leaked out? They could not explain the Qi family’s generosity too.

Jiang Yao threw the matter out of the window after ending the call. If the director were to arrange for a car to come pick her up, she would attend the meeting. If not, she would not go.

Now, she was the majority shareholder of the hospital, she had the ultimate control in her hands. However, from the looks of it, being the majority shareholder alone was not enough. There were still some buggers who were trying to get in her way.

She was furious with those minority shareholders who initiated the meeting without her knowledge beforehand. She doubted that these people did not know she was a student! They deliberately wanted to hold the meeting at 3.30 pm to see if they could manipulate this young shareholder, they wanted to see where her bottom line was and what kind of tricks she had up her sleeves.

Jiang Yao pondered upon the means to seize the control power of these shareholders. She figured that the best and most effective way was to buy back all the shares from these minority shareholders, and became the only owner of the hospital. By doing so, she would have absolute authority in the hospital and no one could object her decision anymore.

Although the idea was very good, it required a lot of money.

If it were not because of her wealthy and heroic husband, she had no idea what kind of hard life she would be having right now.

There was no doubt that Lu Xingzhi was wealthy, but she did not want to rely on him for every single matter.

Her top priority for the moment was to get more money.

She decided to first determine the monetary value of the shares these people had, and see if there were any way she could generate the money needed. If she did not have the means, there would be no choice but to ask from Lu Xingzhi first. When she becomes the owner of the hospital, she could use the revenue to earn money and pay him back.

The morning class ended at 11.10 am. Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui waited for the rest of their roommates at entrance no. 1 of the cafeteria before the six of them went in together.

As soon as they entered the cafeteria, Moe, who had been sleeping in Jiang Yao’s bag, jolted awake instantly. He hid in the bag while peeking out through the tiny gap, observing the people and their food.

“Jiang Yao! Jiang Yao! That guy in the black shirt, what is it he’s holding in his hand, the red sauce thing? I want that!”

Moe even booted Jiang Yao’s back with its legs in case she could not hear it.

Upon his urge, Jiang Yao looked at the plate as the man was passing by them. The red sauce thing that Moe mentioned was actually sweet and sour ribs.

“Are you sure you can eat that?” Jiang Yao wondered out loud, “I thought that cats and dogs can’t eat food with soy sauce or salt?”

Jiang Yao had never reared a pet, but she had heard about the basic knowledge about animals not being able to eat oily and salty food.

“How can you compare me with those inferior animals? I can eat whatever I want to eat!” Moe locked its mesmerized gaze on the man passing by, feeling that its happiest moment was at noon ever since it tagged along with Jiang Yao.

Eventually, Jiang Yao ordered herself a set meal and packed a whole-meat dish for Moe. When she walked to the table where her roommates were sitting with the tray and a takeaway box in her hands, all of the girls stared at her like they were looking at an insane person.

“Jiang Yao, why did you become such a big eater all of a sudden?” Zhou Xiaoxia said while pointing at the takeaway box, “Is this your snack after a nap later?”

“Jiang Yao, are you…” Lin Qiaoyu was sitting beside Jiang Yao. When she spoke, her eyes slowly shifted from the takeaway box to her belly and stared in a daze. “Are you pregnant? I remember when my sister-in-law became quite a glutton, she was pregnant, she could consume several meals a day.”