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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 217 - Demise of the Zhang Family

Chapter 217: Demise of the Zhang Family

“I heard Zhang Xiqing already quit school. People like Hu Yuan, who got into our school because of Zhang Xiqing, was also asked to leave.” Lin Qiayou exclaimed. “The bulletin board in our school also took down Zhang Xiqing’s freshmen profile, leaving only yours.”

Zhang Xiqing leaving school was nothing surprising to Jiang Yao. She knew that with the Zhang family’s downfall, Zhang Xiqing had lost all her backing and was too prideful to stay put in Nanjiang Medical University where she knew she would get ridiculed constantly.

Her brazen attitude and aggressive personality had earned her plenty of enemies along the way and she was wise enough to understand that and leave.

“I wonder whose tail did the Zhang family step on to receive such torment. The Zhang family—well-established here in Nanjiang City—gone in two days?!” Zhou Xiaoxia stroked her chin in deep thought. “They were so wealthy that there was nothing they couldn’t pay their way out of. I still cannot believe a big corporation like the Zhang family vanished in such a short time!”

She continued, “The world of the rich and the powerful is too terrifying. Thank goodness we are all just ordinary people. We may not be rich but at least we can live our lives in peace.”

“Yes, the Zhang family is rich, but remember, there are wealthier and far more powerful people here in Nanjiang City. The people they infuriated must be of an even higher social standing than they were.” Wen Xuehui lowered her voice and added.

The girls were all racking their brains trying to figure out who that elusive individual was. Jiang Yao stood aside and listened, amused with the frantic discussion that was going on.

They did not realize that the person of interest was, in fact, standing right beside them listening to their conversation.

It was a little before evening when Jiang Yao received news that Lu Xingzhi had arrived at his platoon safely. He did not call her earlier as he had too much work to be done.

The next morning, Jiang Yao woke up late. It seemed as though her weekend shenanigans had left her a little too fatigued.

“Yo! Li Ronghui is waiting for you downstairs!”

Zhou Xiaoxi was teasing Wen Xuehui when she came out. Grabbing her toothbrush, she walked toward the balcony.

The first thing she saw when she walked out onto the balcony was Li Ronghui standing with breakfast in his hands. Clearly, he saw her too, and he waved. “Hey, Jiang Yao! Can you tell Xuehui I am waiting for her down here.”

Hearing that, Jiang Yao snickered. She ignored him and headed toward the bathroom.

Wen Xuehui was gone by the time Jiang Yao came out from the bathroom. “Where did Xuehui go?” She asked Zhou Xiaoxia who was just preparing to leave the room.

“I almost forgot! Xuehui wanted you to know that she already left with Li Ronghui. She will save you a spot in the class and will see you there.” Zhou Xiaoxia tied her shoelaces swiftly and continued, “I’m running late, got to go!”

Waving goodbye to Jiang Yao, she left hurriedly with Li Yi and Lin Qiaoyou in tow.

Picking up her books, she felt something on her foot. Looking down, she saw Moe tugging her pants.

“You want to follow me to the classroom?” Jiang Yao asked. “Get into the bag!” Being a tiny cat, Moe could easily hide in her bag.