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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 213 - Disgust

Chapter 213: Disgust

Jiang Yao took a cab back to school after sending Lu Xingzhi and Chen Xuyao off.

She bumped right into Wen Xuehui and Li Ronghui who had just gotten down from the public bus right outside of school, chatting and laughing together. Wen Xuehui looked content, holding onto a candied plum.

Jiang Yao’s heart dropped upon seeing this scene unfold in front of her. She realized that this time, Li Ronghui had possibly changed his tactics in pursuing Wen Xuehui. Looking at Wen Xuehui grinning from ear to ear, she was undeniably in love.

Two days! Jiang Yao had only been away for two days and this had happened. How persistent could Li Ronghui be?!

“Xuehui!” Jiang Yao took a big stride toward the two lovebirds, forcing herself between them.

“Look who’s here!” Wen Xuehui seemed to forget the existence of Li Ronghui at the sight of her best friend. She held onto Jiang Yao and smiled. “Looks like you had a great weekend.”

Noone except for Wen Xuehui knew where Jiang Yao had gone after taking a leave of absence.

She had overheard from her father that Jiang Yao’s husband was here in Nanjiang City too. She had been waiting for Jiang Yao to return so that she could tease her.

“I was not the only one here who had fun this weekend.” Jiang Yao grinned, sparing a glance at Li Ronghui.

Understanding what she meant, Wen Xuehui’s face turned beet red and she gave Jiang Yao’s arm a light pinch. Turning to Li Ronghui, she said, “I am leaving with Jiang Yao, see you later!”

Not waiting for his response, Wen Xuehui dragged Jiang Yao along and disappeared out of Li Ronghui’s sight. She would rather not be teased by Jiang Yao in front of Li Ronghui.

A short while later, they came to a stop. Heavily out of breath, Wen Xuehui turned back and looked at Jiang Yao. She was surprised to see Jiang Yao, who was running behind her with her heels on, looking quite fine. “Aren’t you exhausted?”

“I’m alright.” Jiang Yao nodded and then asked. “Are you a couple with Li Ronghui now?”

Her sixth sense told her that Wen Xuehui and Li Ronghui’s relationship had just had a breakthrough.

“Not yet!” Wen Xuehui blushed. “He did confess his feelings to me just now. I did not know that he has actually had a crush on me for some time!”

“Well, how long ago was it?” Jiang Yao raised her eyebrows. “You like him, don’t you? If he already confessed, why aren’t you guys together now?”

“I am a lady, I have to act a little more reserved, of course. I told him I would think about it,” Wen Xuehui answered. A brief pause later, she asked, “Was it that obvious that I am crushing on him? How did you know?”

Wen Xuehui seemed to have forgotten that she had told Jiang Yao of her affection toward Li Ronghui some time ago.

“It’s as obvious as daylight.” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes. “Every single time you went out with him, you came back beaming like a giggly little girl!”

Even if Jiang Yao had lost all her memories before she was rebirthed, just by paying a little attention to Wen Xuehui, anyone could have seen it as well.

Embarrassed, Wen Xuehui covered her face with her hands. She thought she had done a good job hiding her emotions, not realizing that Jiang Yao had seen right through her. “Seeing as you can see through me, do you think Li Ronghui knows as well?”

Jiang Yao sneered. “I don’t think he’s that bright.”

Wen Xuehui knew better. Jiang Yao was obviously mocking her, fully displaying her disdain toward Li Ronghui. Clearly, Jiang Yao did not like Li Ronghui at all.

“Jiang Yao, why do you hate him?” Wen Xuehui racked her brains trying to figure it out. They had only met several times, thus, Jiang Yao’s strong hostility toward Li Ronghui baffled her very much.