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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 211 - Gentle Persuasion

Chapter 211: Gentle Persuasion

Lu Xingzhi was not afraid of any politicians. Rather, he was warier of the ruffians hiding in the dark. He had ended the lives of too many people, gaining him plenty of enemies along the way. The moment he had started being a career soldier, he knew that it would not be an easy journey.

Upon hearing these words, Jiang Yao understood what was happening. She knew that Lu Xingzhi was truly concerned that she would get hurt over the cover that he had used over the years.

“Anyway, don’t feel restricted in whatever you do. Let everyone know that you have someone backing you up in Jindo City. Anyone looking for trouble with you must go through me first. Any person wanting to find out who I am will have their death wish signed by me.” Looking at Jiang Yao’s serious expression, he knew that she was startled. “Remember this, my wife can live her life however she wants. Anyone that gets in her way will suffer my wrath.”

Chen Xuyao glanced at the couple sitting behind him and thought, ‘Isn’t he afraid of terrifying Jiang Yao, exposing this intense affection of his to her?’

“My love, do not ever forget this. The Qi family can be used, but never trusted. The Huang family has more credibility than the Qi family, but do not ever count on them fully. Whenever you are using someone, remember to scrutinize, observe, and pressure them.” Lu Xingzhi always believed in trusting his own instincts and acting accordingly.

Anyone that had any use to him, he would gladly manipulate them. He did this merely to take advantage of people that he was not close to, extracting the maximum amount of worth out of them.

When dealing with his closest associates, however, he would closely observe how they worked. Then, to maximize each of their potentials, he would have them work according to their strengths.

Jiang Yao listened intently and nodded. Lu Xingzhi was teaching her how to take advantage of people to protect herself. He put in a lot of effort because he was truly worried about her safety.

“Can you not leave me instead?” Jiang Yao nuzzled close to Lu Xingzhi after he had given her his little lecture. Being a shy and reserved girl, she would not do this normally. However, her emotions got the better of her, and for an instant, she forgot all about the driver in front. She gave him the tightest hug and kissed him.

Lu Xingzhi smiled sweetly. A kiss from her wife was the perfect goodbye gift. He loved how assertive Jiang Yao was in showing her affection and how her eyes betrayed her burning passion for him.

“Well, why don’t you come to Jindo City with me? We can get you transferred to Jindo Medical University. Once you are there, we can see each other every weekend. You will be safer there too!” Lu Xingzhi gently persuaded.

“I didn’t know we could transfer schools that easily in university.” Jiang Yao was caught by surprise. Jindo Medical University was one of the top medical schools in the country. To get admitted was easier said than done.

“With the amazing grades you have, it is Jindo Medical University’s loss if you are not a student there,” Lu Xingzhi responded with a sense of pride. “I am sure you will be a wonderful doctor in the future.”

Lu Xingzhi smiled. “If you want it, I will make it happen.”