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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: As You Wish

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Jiang Yao’s earlier announcement delighted Mrs. Lu but she started to make sense out of Lu Xingzhi’s decision.

The Lu family was an intellectual family who, unlike conservative families, did not view women as the primary caretakers of children and family. As a woman, Mrs. Lu knew that nineteen was not the best age to bear a child, which was also the main reason why she sternly disagreed to their marriage in the first place. In her opinion, Jiang Yao was too young and green to start a family, and to be a wife and a mother.

“At the end of the day, she gets to attend Nanjiang Medical University as she wishes to, doesn’t she?” Lu Yuqing snorted sarcastically. She wasn’t sure of what they had talked about in the yard. She suspected that Jiang Yao had some tricks up her sleeves despite her reserved characteristics that she managed to coax Lu Xingzhi into fulfilling her demands.

In Lu Yuqing’s opinion, for as long as she knew her brother, Lu Xingzhi had always been an intelligent man that others would not have a way to outsmart him. However, all his rationality and sensibility went out the window the minute he was with a beauty.

On the other hand, the difference in his expression prior to going out and after returning was obvious. He looked uplifted and spirited.

“Yuqing, that’s enough. This is your brother and his wife’s own business and they’ve talked it through. Since they’ve come to this decision, we should respect it.” Mr. Lu comprehended Lu Yuqing’s sarcastic implications as well, so he gestured to Lu Yuqing with his eyes to shut up.

Lu Yuqing shrugged and sneered, “I know, as long as Lu Xingzhi is happy.” Her voice was full of helplessness and disdain.

“Alright then, Nanjiang it is.” Mrs. Lu compromised. As Mr. Lu said, it was a mutual decision they had made after their discussion. As parents, they should not interfere with the children’s business and get too involved. After all, they were all grown-ups who were responsible for their own decisions and actions.

Besides, Nanjiang Medical University was a key university here in the south. Mrs. Lu could brag about her smart daughter-in-law among her friends. Moreover, Jiang Yao could officially become a doctor after she graduated and land a secure and stable job as a doctor. Being involved in this profession meant that she would develop compassion and look after people.

Mrs. Lu had always felt that Jiang Yao lacked the ability to take care of others due to her young age. Since she was going to walk on the path of becoming a doctor, Mrs. Lu could be at ease.

Nevertheless, as long as the couple stayed happy together, Jiang Yao would eventually grow up and learn how to look after people.

After lunch, Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao went out with Lu Yuqing and her husband. Lu Yuqing and her husband were going back to the county to work, whereas Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao were heading toward Jiang Village. It was the place where Jiang Yao was born and raised, her maiden home.

Lu Xingzhi pushed his father’s bicycle out of the garage and went out with Jiang Yao. It took about half an hour from the house to Jiang Village. This time around, the most common mode of transportation was bicycles. Since the abolition of trading using tickets, the residents in towns and villages, especially those who were loaded, would buy a bicycle for their convenience.

A car was a rare and luxurious asset in this town. The Lu family was an exception. Mr. Lu, who lived in the village, didn’t buy one although he could afford it because it was unnecessary. On the other hand, Lu Haixing, who lived in town, owned a car. He often drove his car with his daughter Lu Xiaoxiao on weekends to visit his brother and family.

On their way, Jiang Yao was sitting on the back seat of the bicycle. She was holding the ice cream that Lu Xingzhi had just bought for her with one hand, and she curled her other arm around Lu Xingzhi’s waist to prevent herself from falling.

Lu Xingzhi, who was riding the bicycle, could feel the arm around his waist. He could vaguely hear the girl in the back seat humming while eating ice cream. She seemed to be in a good mood.