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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 209 - To The Airport

Chapter 209: To The Airport

Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yao’s hand as they greeted the Hospital Director. He introduced Jiang Yao to the director and told him that Jiang Yao would be the largest shareholder of the hospital in the future before urging him to lead the way to the staff quarters.

The staff quarters were not inside the hospital but instead, on the street opposite the hospital. The dormitories were new blocks that had been built less than two years ago. The people who lived here were chief physicians or nurses who had been working at the hospital for a long time. In fact, there weren’t any security guards living in the dormitories.

Nevertheless, since this security guard had been sent by the shareholder personally, the director had to treat him specially. Although he was a cripple, the director did not dare to make any objections. Since the largest shareholder had the power to give someone a job, it would not be surprising if she fired the director, not to mention a mere security guard.

Wasn’t there a saying? “Every new sovereign brings his own courtiers.”

The reason he himself had gotten ahold of this position was all due to the Qi family’s help, therefore, it was only reasonable for this person called Jiang Yao to get rid of the Qi family’s people after she took over the Qi family’s shares.

After Wu Zhong had settled down, Lu Xingzhi went to Chen Zhibin’s mother’s ward with Jiang Yao.

Mrs. Chen’s condition was just like before and there weren’t any signs of recovery, but fortunately, her condition was not worsening.

Upon finding out that Jiang Yao was now the hospital’s largest shareholder and had arranged for the best doctor to be in charge of Mrs. Chen, Chen Zhibin thanked her profusely but insisted on paying for the medical fees. He had seen the amount of money in the passbook and it was enough to afford the medical fees, and so, he could not bear to take advantage of his brother’s wife.

Lu Xingzhi and Chen Xuyao comforted Chen Zhibin for a while before the three of them left the hospital.

Lu Xingzhi wanted to return to the platoon and Chen Xuyao needed to go back to Jindo City as he had settled the matter, so he booked the same flight as Lu Xingzhi to return to Jindo City.

The three of them returned to the hotel to pack their stuff and check out. Then, they ate lunch at a nearby restaurant quickly before driving to the airport.

Chen Xuyao was the driver and the car had been arranged by Director Ye for Lu Xingzhi as usual. Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao were sitting in the backseat.

“How are you going to drive this car back?” Although Jiang Yao had not gotten her license in her previous life, she actually knew how to drive and could navigate her way steadily around the bumpy roads in the countryside for those few years. However, the problem was, when Lu Xingzhi and Chen Xuyao went back, she could not possibly drive a car and swagger around the town without a license.

Even if she was brave enough, Lu Xingzhi would certainly not let her do so.

“I’ll park the car in the carpark of the airport. Leave the keys at the office of the airport and Director Ye will arrange for someone to drive the car back.” Lu Xingzhi raised his arm and rubbed Jiang Yao’s head. “Can you hire a cab back later?”

Lu Xingzhi had initially planned to send Jiang Yao back to school before hurrying to the airport, but Jiang Yao had insisted on accompanying him and Chen Xuyao to the airport. After some thought, Lu Xingzhi realized that he would only be able to see his wife after about half a month, so he eventually agreed as he wanted to spend a little more time with his wife as well.

“No problem, what problem could I possibly have?” Jiang Yao smiled gently. “Young Master Lu, I am twenty years old, not two and a half!”

She did not want him to nag her as if she were a two-and-a-half-year-old child who could not take care of herself.

“After I go back, if you face any problems, remember, you must notify me. Don’t get bullied by others foolishly.” Lu Xingzhi was still worried about her. “If something really happens and I am not able to rush over, you can call Weiqi or Xuyao, or you can ask the Huang family for help. The Huang family owes you a big favor, it would be a pity if you didn’t use it.”