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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 207 - A Bold Idea

Chapter 207: A Bold Idea

“It’s okay, Brother Zhong, there’s no need for lunch. I still need to catch a flight back to the platoon.” As Lu Xingzhi was talking, he waved to Jiang Yao who was waiting at the side quietly and very patiently before saying, “Darling, come here. Let me introduce him to you,”

Only then did Wu Zhong realize that there was a person a few steps beside him. He did not know how long that lady had stood there but she seemed very obedient, walking over slowly only when Lu Xingzhi asked her to.

“Brother Zhong, let me introduce my wife to you. Her name is Jiang Yao, she is studying at Nanjiang Medical University and she is in her first year.” Lu Xingzhi paused for a while and continued. “My wife and I got married last year. It has been almost a year but it’s a pity that we did not have the time to send Brother Zhong our wedding candy. Since I still have some time in Nanjiang City, I brought her here to get to know you.”

Lu Xingzhi was very respectful toward Brother Zhong. Although his position in the platoon had been higher than Wu Zhong previously, Wu Zhong had joined the army earlier than him and he was older than him, thus, Lu Xingzhi had always been respectful toward Wu Zhong.

“It’s my pleasure to meet you, Brother Zhong!” Jiang Yao greeted him. Lu Xingzhi had already greeted him as Brother Zhong, so she certainly wouldn’t wait for him to greet her first.

“It’s my pleasure to meet you too!” The corner’s of Wu Zhong’s eyes creased as he smiled, overjoyed.

He was happy for Lu Xingzhi because the latter had gotten married to an obedient and smart wife, and also because he still remembered his old partner until now.

While Lu Xingzhi had been teaching the ruffian a lesson, Jiang Yao had kept herself busy as well. She had used her Medical System’s scanning function to scan Wu Zhong for the first time. From there, she knew that Wu Zhong’s knee was injured, probably because of his comminuted fracture that received delayed treatment, which in turn caused a disability of difference in the lengths of both legs, which explained why his leg was crippled.

It had been so long since the accident and the medical standards of the current hospitals were not sufficient to cure such an injury, however, the System Admin had told Jiang Yao that advanced artificial kneecaps were available in the lab to replace dead tissues and bones, and this was considered a small surgery in the system.

Jiang Yao had almost ten years of experience of being a doctor in her previous life. With her capabilities, it was not hard for her to complete a replacement surgery.

Therefore, Jiang Yao had a bold idea to operate on Wu Zhong.

It was probably because of Lu Xingzhi’s respect toward Wu Zhong that she loved the house and its crow, or it was possibly because Lu Xingzhi’s words had made her strongly respect a retired soldier like Wu Zhong.

Soldiers who sacrificed everything to protect the country and the people should not become a laughingstock due to his disability nor dwell in such a messy place, being forced to set up a stall to earn a living that could barely feed himself.

Wu Zhong felt that it was a pity when he heard that Lu Xingzhi could not stay for lunch as he needed to catch a flight back to the platoon. Lu Xingzhi comforted him, “Brother Zhong, my wife is going to study here for a few years, there are still a lot of chances for us to eat together. I came here today for another matter.”

Then, Lu Xingzhi mentioned the matter of giving Wu Zhong a job as a security guard. “Brother Zhong, you are a retired soldier. Although one of your legs is injured, you are more agile than anybody else. You can definitely master this job. Now, the hospital belongs to my wife. If you work there, you won’t have to live here anymore. This place is too far from the hospital, there has to be a staff quarter there, I can let the hospital arrange a room for you at that time.”