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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 202 - It Craves You

Chapter 202: It Craves You

That entire night, Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao never left their room.

Not long after Qi Xiang left, they were still chatting, but the ambiance soon took a wild turn before they knew it. Lu Xingzhi didn’t even give Jiang Yao a chance to say no, pressing her against the bed and beginning to devour her intimately. This time, he even disregarded her cries and surrender. He continued doing the deed until the fragile woman passed out under him, and only then did he hold the woman into his tight embrace reluctantly and sighed.

‘Hmm, I need to improve my darling’s physical strength. I hope that one day, we can consummate satisfyingly.’

Luckily Jiang Yao was fast asleep and she could not read his mind, otherwise, she would most certainly jump up and tear him apart.

Thanks to the Medical System, her physique and physical strength was one of the best among girls, but it still paled in comparison with Lu Xingzhi, the crazy monster.

Early the next morning, Jiang Yao was awakened by the feeling of suffocation as if she was squeezed under a large boulder. She opened her mouth wide to catch a breath, but it felt as though she had fallen into the bottom of a lake as something that seemed like a fish slid into her mouth, swimming and bumping around clumsily inside.

“Hmmm~” Jiang Yao felt so miserable from the smothering feeling that she almost cried in her dream. She quickly opened her eyes and woke herself up, realizing that it was not a lake, a fish, nor a boulder, but Lu Xingzhi’s sole act!

“Enough already!” Jiang Yao tried to shove him off of her. Although she had regained some energy after half a night of sleep, her legs were aching and sore, and her nether region was still swollen and burning, making her wonder if Lu Xingzhi had damaged it.

“Not enough,” Lu Xingzhi whined. He knew that his wife was pitiful because of his endless desire, but when he had gotten up in the morning and saw his dear wife laying in his arms, his manhood couldn’t resist the temptation and had sprung alive. Since Jiang Yao was still deep in her slumber, he had had to suppress his urge and quench his thirst for a bit.

Looking sheepishly at Jiang Yao’s furious grimace, Lu Xingzhi arched his eyebrows innocently and whined, “You can’t blame me, you only have yourself to blame for being too delicious.”

Then, he tugged her hand and dragged it along his body, bringing it down south. “See… It craves you.”

Jiang Yao felt as though her head had exploded in bewilderment! How could there be such a shameless and rogue person?!

“No… No way… I’m going to die~” Tears were pooling in her eyes. If she surrendered to his request, they would spend the entire daylight indoors again.

Lu Xingzhi could tell that Jiang Yao was either really scared, or she simply didn’t want to do the deed anymore.

“Then…” Lu Xingzhi leaned over to whisper something into Jiang Yao’s ear which resulted in her face blushing like a cherry tomato, the alphabets N and O carved in her eyes.

He sighed and announced an unabashed condition. “Once! Just once, and I’ll let you get off the bed!”

Hence, placing her hand onto his shaft, she did as he instructed. Rather than saying that she moved her own hand, the better explanation was that he forced her to move.

His heavy gasps echoed into her ears and out.

A long while later, her hand finally regained freedom, but it came with a price—her hand was shaking unstoppably accompanied by the soreness.

Lu Xingzhi wore a satisfied smile and lay back at Jiang Yao’s side.

On the other hand, Jiang Yao kicked him furiously before hastily turning over to get out of bed and dash toward the bathroom.

“Hey~” Lu Xingzhi lay in the bed and sighed as he looked at the closed door. His darling wife was still too shy, he had to do something about it.