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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 201 - Keep an Eye on Them

Chapter 201: Keep an Eye on Them

Chen Zhibin had given his absolute answer to Lu Xingzhi that he would not return to the army. Usually, in such a case, the military would not arrange a job for him after retirement.

It was hard to find a steady job in Nanjiang City with just a high school diploma and without any useful skillsets.

“Let him start with security first,” Lu Xingzhi said after some thought. “Veterans are ideal for the security sector since their physical talent is incomparable to the commoner guards.”

“The salary package of a security guard is not that high, not to mention, the Zhang family has compensated him, so he is quite loaded now. Do you think he would want to take the security job?”

Jiang Yao hadn’t seen the bankbook that Lu Xingzhi had given to Chen Zhibin, but she knew that it contained a lot of money, otherwise, Chen Xuyao would not have suggested for Chen Zhibin to send his mother to Jindo for treatment and procure a better quality of life with that money.

If he hadn’t gotten the compensation and was still struggling under the duress, Jiang Yao was certain that Chen Zhibin might have taken the job. But it was the other way around now, would he still be willing to be a security guard?

“He will,” Lu Xingzhi said firmly. “Firstly, he is not an overreacher. Secondly, he cannot stay still. I bet he will start looking for a job when his mother’s condition stabilizes. Moreover, he is not a businessman kind of person. He is more cautious about money and he will definitely not invest money into businesses, so, he will choose to make a living on a monthly salary basis.”

Lu Xingzhi knew Chen Zhibin very well. Chen Zhibin was a conservative man who lacked the courage to challenge himself and just go for it. Besides, starting a business required a capital investment along with the risks that followed behind. He would rather keep the money for his mother’s medical care and retirement rather than to do business.

“Don’t mention anything to Chen Zhibin yet, we still don’t know how is his mother’s condition now. So, I hope you can go to the hospital to visit her more often on my behalf.” Even though Chen Zhibin had retired, Lu Xingzhi still valued him as his honorable junior.

“They don’t have many relatives in his family. If his mother undergoes any unfortunate calamities, please lend her a hand and keep an eye on her for me. My darling, I’m so sorry to trouble you, but Chen Zhibin is a man, he is not as attentive and considerate as a woman.”

The calamity that Lu Xingzhi was referring to was the possibility of Chen Zhibin’s mother succumbing to her injuries and passing away. It would be devastating to Chen Zhibin if it happened, therefore, he needed Jiang Yao to help arrange the funeral affairs and so on. He didn’t say it out loud but he believed that his wife would understand his underlying meaning. As for Chen Zhibin, everything had to be put on hold until his mother’s condition was confirmed.

“There’s another person I would like you to meet tomorrow morning. We used to be on the same mission, but he was forced to retire due to his injury,” Lu Xingzhi heaved a sigh of regret. “He happens to be in Nanjiang City too, but I haven’t seen him in several years. I’m not sure if he still stays at the same place.”

Lu Xingzhi couldn’t meet him the other day when he sent Jiang Yao to college because of time constraints. This time, Chen Zhibin’s matter had been resolved, so he still had half a day tomorrow for some private matters.

However, if he were to go see his former comrade tomorrow, he would have lesser time to spend with Jiang Yao alone, thus, he was bummed out. He took a peek at Jiang Yao’s expression sheepishly and noticed that she didn’t show any signs of agitation. Her lack of expressiveness made Lu Xingzhi stumble into a contradicting mess, not knowing whether he should be glad or helpless. He had hoped that Jiang Yao would be upset with him, on the other hand, he was afraid that Jiang Yao would be upset for real.