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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 195 - As You Wish

Chapter 195: As You Wish

After Huang Chengjing had left, Lu Xingzhi declared, “Never escort someone insignificant like him to the door. Do it when I leave instead!”

Jiang Yao glanced at Lu Xingzhi and rolled her eyes. She knew he was trying to display his dominance.

“Why did you choose the hospital?” Lu Xingzhe asked coldly.

“Well, you were the one asking me to choose whichever I wanted!” Jiang Yao was puzzled by his sudden irritation.

“Wait, were you planning to work there once you graduate?” Lu Xingzhe asked again, his tone riddled with a slight bitterness.

“Are you kidding me? Sixty percent stake at ownership and absolute decision-making power, I am not looking at any position lower than a Chairman’s.” Jiang Yao chuckled. She figured that Lu Xingzhe was afraid that she would choose to stay back at Nanjiang City if she did end up working at the hospital.

She could not believe that this was the reason why he had suddenly looked so sullen.

What a petty man!

“I swear to move to either Jindo City or Jin City with you when I graduate!” Jiang Yao embraced Lu Xingzhi and gave him a little peck on the lips. “Also, I want to have children! Once I am done with school, let me have your baby!”

“What about the hospital?” Lu Xingzhi asked again, but this time, gently. The kiss had undoubtedly worked.

“Of course I still want it! That is a lot of money after all.” Jiang Yao’s eyes sparkled. “But you know, the hospital does not need its majority shareholder to be working every day. I am going to make money anyway. The first thing on my bucket list after graduation is to have a baby with you!”

Lu Xingzhi broke into a smile. He knew it would be at least a few more years before Jiang Yao graduated, but hearing that still made his heart flutter.

“As you wish. Let’s have a kid when you are out of school.”

Her wanting to have kids together meant that she was committed to the relationship and wanted to be with him forever.

“You look thrilled. I should have snapped a picture and sent it to Dad and Mum!” Jiang Yao stretched her arms out and brushed his lips with her fingers. Being together with Lu Xingzhi enabled her to act wantonly at her own discretion. Whatever she did, she would still be his little woman.

“It is only for your eyes.” Lu Xingzhi laughed. He grabbed her hands and with a quick turn of his body, held her down. He grazed her lips with his tongue, skipping the kiss, and asked, “Did you not miss me?”

He still remembered everything from that phone call!

“No!” Jiang Yao snickered. “I did not even think about you!”

Lu Xingzhi was not irked by her response. Deep down, he knew that she was lying.

That chance encounter outside the hospital followed by her enthusiastic embrace and loving gaze had shown him everything he needed to know.

Some feelings were better expressed with actions rather than with words.

“It’s fine! I missed you!” Lu Xingzhe straightened his back and whispered in her ears, “He missed you.”

Jiang Yao’s body stiffened at his last remark. She bit her lips and glared at the person whose body was pressing onto hers. “You nasty…”

Nasty Lu laughed at her. That laughter had such a deep rumble, making it sound so sensual and seductive that Jiang Yao could not hold on to her reservedness anymore.