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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 193 - A Favor

Chapter 193: A Favor

Jiang Yao sat there while Lu Xingzhi walked toward the door. She did not get the chance to ask how he knew it was Huang Chengjing who had come.

Lu Xingzhi opened the door and Huang Chengjing stood there dressed rather sharply. He seemed to have come over right after work.

“Sergeant Lu.” Huang Chengjing had to admit that he was shocked when he had learned who Jiang Yao’s husband was. He knew that her husband was a prominent figure, but he had never expected him to be the enigmatic Sergeant Lu.

Lu Xingzhi looked at Huang Chengjing and acknowledged him. Then, he sat down with Jiang Yao, leaving Huang Chengjing standing there awkwardly.

Nevertheless, Lu Xingzhi had opened the door for Huang Chengjing, meaning that he could come in. Lu Xingzhi’s expression when he opened the door told Huang Chengjing that he had expected him to be here.

Huang Chengjing stood right before Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi before being told by Jiang Yao to have a seat.

Huang Chengjing chose a spot not too far from them and sat down. With Jiang Yao here, he thought it might be easier to get the job done since a lady was known to be a little more soft-hearted.

“Are you regarding the matter of the Qi family?” Lu Xingzhi spoke first, uncovering the actual reason for Huang Chengjing to have come.

“Old Lady Qi is my aunt.” Huang Chengjing smiled resignedly. “It was entirely Qi Xiang’s fault on what he did to Ms. Jiang. Qi Xiang should be permitted to give a sincere apology to Ms. Jiang.”

Jiang Yao was very much surprised. Lu Xingzhi knew about everything!

He knew of the relationship between the Huang family and the Qi family. On top of that, he also guessed that someone from the Huang family would come.

Huang Chengjing laid out a stack of documents he was holding in front of Jiang Yao. “These are all properties of the Qi family. Ms. Jiang, feel free to take whichever your heart so desires.”

Huang Chengjing knew better. He was here because he could not stand his aunt’s relentless request. He did not even tell his father, Chairman Huang, who was currently admitted to the hospital.

The Huang family was indebted to Jiang Yao. This morning back at the hospital, Jiang Yao had refused any compensation from the Huang family. However, after discussions with his father, they had decided to punish the Zhang family as repayment. Whatever they did, however, was not enough to even repay their debts to Jiang Yao.

It was later on when Huang Chengjing had heard of Lu Xingzhi’s effort to exterminate the Zhang family that he had then helped them further by sending a letter to the lawyers in Nanjiang City.

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The Qi family had discovered Huang Chengjing’s relationship with Jiang Yao through what he had done. They had also discovered how he had stood up for her at the new students’ orientation and how he had brought her to visit his father in the hospital.

Thus, this was how his aunt, Old Lady Qi, had come to plead for his help. She wanted him to intercede on behalf of the Qi family.

Huang Chengjing thought that it was a little absurd when he heard that Old Lady Qi wanted his help. The Huang family was indebted to Jiang Yao already, how shameless did he have to be to ask Jiang Yao and Sergeant Lu for another favor to spare the Qi family.

He had come here because he could not stand the forceful pestering from his grandmother and his aunt. He could not even stay at his office and besides, he did not want his father to know about this, which was why he came.

Nonetheless, he also wanted the Qi family to learn a lesson.

“Whatever the wife of Lu Xingzhi desires, nobody else is going to give it to her except me.” Lu Xingzhi looked at the documents spread across the table. He moved his eyes away, seemingly unfazed.