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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 191 - I Am Here

Chapter 191: I Am Here

Jiang Yao did not expect that sudden change in the subject. Lu Xingzhi was just talking about the Qi family before he bent over and gently took off her heels. He held up her feet, wanting to see if they were alright after an entire day of wearing those new heels.

Jiang Yao came to her senses and glanced at him.

With her height of five-foot-six, she was considered rather tall among the ladies from the South. Yet, standing right next to a six-foot-one bloke, she looked like a timid little woman instead.

He was wrong, though. She did not wear her heels just to please him. Frankly, if it were not for that chance meeting, she had not in any way expected him to be in Nanjiang City. Such a self-absorbed man!

Lu Xingzhi was not a mind reader, but he somehow noticed Jiang Yao silently judging him.

“In the future, you have to let me know immediately whenever something happens. You are mine, do not ever forget that. Do not worry about offending anyone or getting into trouble, just do whatever you want to people that have upset you. Live your life how you want it, I will always be here giving you support!” Lu Xingzhi’s tone became serious. “I cannot fight against everyone in the world, but I can fight off most of them. The ones that are left, I will deal with them one by one, until no one else is left standing.”

He caressed her face fondly. “I am not afraid of getting into trouble for you. Even if you committed the most horrible crime on earth, I will always be here for you.”

Hearing that, her brain turned into mush and her breathing slowed. The aggressive and overprotective guy standing in front of her seemed a little too foreign. She knew, however, this was nobody else but him.

“Remember, Jiang Yao, you do not have to endure anything silently in this world.”

He allowed her to act to her heart’s desire without any care. The day they had gotten together, Lu Xingzhi had vowed to protect Jiang Yao forever.

He was not the richest man on the planet, but he had enough money to spend.

He was not the strongest man on the planet, but he regularly improved himself.

That was why, even if she stabbed a big hole out of the sky, he would be there dealing with all the consequences. He just wanted her to be happy. He would rather the apple of his eye become the world’s most immature person.

What Lu Xingzhi just said might sound like crazy talk to others, sounding like something he said just to make his beau happy.

Nonetheless, Jiang Yao knew that deep down, Lu Xingzhi meant everything he said. Those were words from the bottom of his heart. He wanted to pamper her like the little princess she was.

There was no doubt, Jiang Yao thought, if she wanted Qi Xiang dead, Lu Xingzhi would have it done no matter what. Consequences were meaningless as long as it was something of Jiang Yao’s desire.

A man like him might be the most powerful man on earth, except, she would always be his weak point—his Achilles’ heel.

Once he, the one and only Lu Xingzhi, had entered her life, he would never leave. His love toward her was unconventional and so different that he wanted her to be his spoilt little girl forever.