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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 189 - Not Going Back

Chapter 189: Not Going Back

After exiting from the Medical System, Jiang Yao looked at Mrs. Chen who was lying on the sickbed and sighed silently.

It was a pity that she could not do much for now.

Chen Zhibin was Lu Xingzhi’s comrade and he must have had a special place in Lu Xingzhi’s heart, otherwise, Lu Xingzhi would not have paid so much attention to Mrs. Chen’s matter, not to mention he always took the chance to persuade Chen Zhibin.

Lu Xingzhi had said that he would be back shortly and as expected, he returned with Chen Xuyao within an hour. This time, Director Ye followed them too.

Director Ye brought flowers and gifts to visit Mrs. Chen. As he stepped into the ward, his eyes met Chen Zhibin’s icy gaze. Director Ye felt a little sorry since he had avoided him previously and even…

“This passbook is opened from your bank account. The money inside is from the Zhang family.” Lu Xingzhi put a brand new passbook on the table beside the bed right after he came in. He continued, “Zhang Xiyuan will rot in jail for the rest of his life and his parents will stay behind bars from quite some time as well.”

“Chen Zhibin, the Zhang family is defeated. There will be no Zhang families in Nanjiang City in the future.” Chen Xuyao patted Chen Zhibin’s shoulder. “The money from the Zhang family is enough for your mother’s treatment afterward. The medical standards at Jindo City are better, you can send your mother to the hospital in Jindo City and employ a professional caretaker to take care of your mother. What’s more, Jindo City is nearer to your platoon.”

The money in the passbook was almost all of the Zhang family’s third child’s property, however, nobody knew Mrs. Chen’s current condition.

Sometimes, money was not everything in life. Chen Xuyao knew that Chen Zhibin might not be able to earn such a huge amount of money in his life, however, this money could not buy Mrs. Chen’s health.

After some time, Director Ye finally spoke up and said a lot of nonsense such as apologizing on behalf of the police. However, he did not blame himself for this matter, he only made everything out to be the Zhang family’s fault.

Judging by Lu Xingzhi’s grim expression, Director Ye knew that it was not suitable for him to stay any longer. He glanced at the only girl in the room, Jiang Yao, to keep her in mind, and left.

Chen Zhibin looked better after Director Ye left. No matter how much Director Ye had spoken, Chen Zhibin never once bothered to answer him.

As for now, his gaze stopped at the passbook for a while but he did not open it. Then, his eyes fell upon his grey-haired mother who was on the sickbed. After quite some time, he finally spoke up.

“Sergeant, thank you for your training and the trust on me by our platoon, but I have decided that no matter when my mother wakes up, I am not going back to the platoon anymore.” Chen Zhibin lowered his head in guilt as he did not dare to look at Lu Xingzhi.

“Sergeant, I did not have a father since I was young, and my mother had a hard time raising me. I joined the platoon to lighten my mother’s burden, however, I think I am quite unfilial. I am her only son, her only family member, but I am not always by her side and she has no one to accompany her. I don’t know when she is sick and I can’t take care of her when she is tired. People say that raising a son is for one’s old age, but what is the purpose of my mother raising a son like me?”

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Chen Zhibin’s words left everyone in the room speechless.

Chen Zhibin lifted his head. His eyes were slightly reddish and his voice was hoarse. “Sergeant, there are so many brothers in the platoon, but I am my mother’s only son. If I fail to protect her and be by her side, nobody else can protect her in my place. I used to think that if I grew up quickly, I would be capable of providing a good life for her. But today, I realized that the more I grow up, the more my mother grows old. I didn’t even know when my mother’s hair changed from black to grey. Sergeant, what do you say, do you think I can still go back to the platoon? My mother is all alone by herself. If I really go back, will there come a day when nobody knows of my mother’s death?”