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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 187 - Inexhaustible

Chapter 187: Inexhaustible

After they came out from the restaurant, Lu Xingzhi initially wanted to send Jiang Yao back to the hotel, but when he thought of the Qis that were still there, he was afraid that Jiang Yao would be pestered by the Qis if he left her alone at the hotel.

“Is it okay if I send you to the hospital and you stay there with Chen Zhibin?” After Lu Xingzhi did some thinking, he said, “Xuyao and I will return to the hospital after around half an hour.”

Jiang Yao nodded. She knew that Lu Xingzhi still had something to say to Chen Zhibin after he returned from the police station, so he still had to stop at the hospital. Therefore, Jiang Yao did not refuse to wait at the hospital.

When Chen Xuyao was at Jindo City, he often visited Lu Xingzhi’s platoon, so when Chen Zhibin saw Chen Xuyao, he recognized him by just a glance and greeted Lu Xingzhi as Sergeant, Jiang Yao, and Chen Xuyao as Young Master Yao.

Lu Xingzhi briefly told Chen Zhibin about his mother’s case before leaving Jiang Yao at the hospital and hurried to the police station with Chen Xuyao.

“Jiang Yao, please sit. Would you like to have some fruit?” Chen Zhibin was older than Jiang Yao by less than two years. He probably did not know how to approach girls, so he did not know what to say to Jiang Yao. He could only take a chair for her to sit in and took out some fruits.

Within an afternoon, Mrs. Chen’s ward had been changed into a single room on the sixth floor like Chairman Huang.

The surroundings of the ward was way better than the one on the third floor. It was spacious and bright, however, Mrs. Chen, who was lying on the sickbed, was still unconscious.

“Thank you.” Jiang Yao sat on the chair and thanked him but she did not take the apple.

Lu Xingzhi had visited them in a hurry this morning so he had not brought any fruits here. The Chen family did not have any relatives in Nanjiang City, so there shouldn’t be anyone visiting Mrs. Chen with fruits. These fruits would have been bought by Chen Zhibin himself, he had probably bought them to be eaten by Mrs. Chen when she awoke.

Jiang Yao sat at the end of the bed. A small notebook was hung on the end of the bed, it seemed to be the medical records by the doctor while doing rounds.

Jiang Yao glanced at the unconscious Mrs. Chen and flipped through her medical records.

Perhaps normal people could not understand the doctor’s handwriting, but Jiang Yao understood all of it at a glance. Mrs. Chen’s condition was clearly stated in the notebook. As a doctor, Jiang Yao could see that Mrs. Chen’s condition was far from optimistic.

Mrs. Chen’s bones which were above her knees by an inch were fractured. Although she had undergone surgery, due to her serious condition and old age, she was less likely to recover fully.

Besides, Mrs. Chen had fractured her skull and was suffering from intracerebral hemorrhage and spleen damage. It would take a long time for her to recover.

Jiang Yao placed the medical records back to its place and called for the admin of her medical system in her subconscious mind.

“I saw a Chinese medicine prescription in the Complete Herbology Collection that aids in the recovery of internal organs. However, there are two herbs that I think I have never seen before.” Jiang Yao asked, “Where can I get those?”

“You can find them in our lab.” Due to Jiang Yao’s urging, the System Admin had finally changed into normal clothes when it came out. However, the so-called ‘normal’ was just slightly more normal as compared to its other clothes.

Perhaps it was rare for Jiang Yao to call it out, which was why the System Admin was quite a talkaholic at that moment. “All the herbs in the Complete Herbology Collection and the Pharmaceutical Collection can be found in the lab. Besides, they are inexhaustible. The medicine that is mixed by Mistress can be used in real life. The more you make, the more you can use.”