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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 186 - I Know What I’m Doing

Chapter 186: I Know What I’m Doing

Chen Xuyao did not know the Zhang family well, however, judging by the three children of the Zhang family, he did not have to guess the Zhang family’s background. Since they were able to cultivate children like them, they were certainly not good eggs. Therefore, families like the Zhangs could not bear being dug out on.

Director Ye only had to reveal a lead-in and there would be a lot of people handling the rest of the matter.

“The Huang family of Hairun Group was the first to strike.” Lu Xingzhi glanced at Jiang Yao. “I think they started their strike when we met.”

“Ah?” Jiang Yao was surprised at the fact that the Huangs had something to do with the Zhangs.

Lu Xingzhi refilled Jiang Yao’s bowl. “I’ll send you back to the hotel after we finish eating and then go to the police station with Xuyao.”

Director Ye had tested him on whether he knew the Huang family of Hairun Group on the phone just now. Director Ye said that the Huang family had already ended all business collaborations with the Zhang family long ago. Even the purchasing department had stopped all the little purchases from the Zhangs and the bank was instructed by the Huang family to stop the fundings for the Zhang family.

The Huang family had done this before Director Ye had spread the rumors, so it was less likely for the Huang family to know this beforehand when they had carried out their plans. That was why the things that happened today seemed to be a coincidence.

Furthermore, after Director Ye had spread the rumors, the Huang family then forbade all the lawyers in Nanjiang City to assist the Zhang family.

Lu Xingzhi remembered that Jiang Yao had visited Chairman Huang of Hairun Group at the hospital this morning, so he guessed that the reason why the Huang family struck at the Zhang family was because of Jiang Yao. Coincidently, their strike happened at the same time when Director Ye had given up on the Zhang family.

“With that said, the whole Zhang family should be behind bars except for Zhang Xiqing.” Jiang Yao was quite speechless. The downfall of the Zhang family was a quick one.

Yesterday, they were still able to throw money in millions, yet today, they were penniless.

“It’s normal.” Lu Xingzhi explained. “To begin with, the Zhang family almost had no foundation at all. The property they have today are the results of the three brothers of the Zhang family starting from scratch. The Zhangs are wealthy, but they do not have any power. Previously, they were using money to buy power. When families like them caused trouble, their downfall will be quicker than anyone else.”

“From rags to riches, their ego grew. They don’t know how to be humble and they always flaunt their prosperity. They also have three insensible children, so their downfall was expected.” Chen Xuyao then asked Lu Xingzhi, “Xingzhi, how are you going to handle the Qis?”

“Let’s eat first.” Lu Xingzhi still refused to answer his question.

Since he did not say anything, Chen Xuyao did not know what he was planning to do either. However, he still told Lu Xingzhi, “The Qis are not like the Zhangs. Handling the Qis will be trickier than the Zhangs,”

Chen Xuyao did not have a grasp of the Zhang family but he roughly knew about the Qi family.

The Qi family had a strong foundation and quite a few connections in Jindo City. Thus, it would definitely require more than half a day to defeat the Qi family.

It was like the butterfly effect. It was not very easy to defeat the Qi family.

The point was, the Qis were not as dumb as the Zhangs. There was solid evidence to defeat the Zhang family, but it was not easy to find evidence to handle the Qi family.

“I know what I’m doing,” Lu Xingzhi answered coldly. There seemed to be a tinge of impatience in his tone.

Judging the situation, Chen Xuyao did not dare to continue as he was afraid that his nagging might cause Lu Xingzhi to throw him out of the restaurant.

Based on Lu Xingzhi’s temper, he would undoubtedly do something such as kicking his brothers out of the door without a second thought!

However, since Lu Xingzhi refused to say anything, Chen Xuyao really could not read Lu Xingzhi’s mind. He had no idea what Lu Xingzhi was going to do, and he was slightly worried that his brother would lose his senses because of Jiang Yao.