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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 183 - Give Me a Kiss

Chapter 183: Give Me a Kiss

Lu Xingzhi thought that Zhang Xiqing had only used her tongue but not her fists, so he had only given her a mere kick to teach her a lesson.

If he knew that Zhang Xiqing and Qi Xiang had ganged up, he would not let Zhang Xiqing get away with it that easily.

He did not care about the reason why Zhang Xiqing and Qi Xiang had ganged up, however, the name ‘Qi Xiang’ was well-known in Jindo City. If his wife had not run away quickly at that time and really ended up in Qi Xiang’s hands, the consequences would be…

That was why Lu Xingzhi felt that he would definitely have no pity for the Zhang family.

Zhang Xinan, the eldest among the Zhangs, Zhang Xiyuan, the second eldest among the Zhangs, and Zhang Xiqing, the youngest… good job…

They had done a really good job!

“Jiang Yao.” Looking at Jiang Yao who was holding a glass of water with her head lowered but without knowing what she was looking at, he reached out to the glass half-filled with water and took it away before drinking the remaining water in just one gulp. He then put the glass on the table and lowered his head while looking at the woman who responded to him with an “Ah?”.

Then, he made a request. “Hug me.”

Jiang Yao was stunned. “Hug…?” She had no idea why Lu Xingzhi had said that out of the blue.

“You don’t want to? Or you’re not willing to? Or perhaps you don’t dare to?” Lu Xingzhi’s gaze wavered. “Are you scared of me?”

Jiang Yao was stupefied for a few seconds. She suddenly remembered Chen Xuyao asking her whether she was starting to be afraid of Lu Xingzhi.

Therefore, did he want her to hug him all of a sudden because he wanted to test whether she was afraid of him due to his exposed temper?

Upon seeing that Jiang Yao did not budge, Lu Xingzhi’s heart sank and he almost blurted the words “forget it”, but just then, she suddenly nestled into his arms and hugged him softly. She rested her face on his chest and leaned onto him in a clingy way.

“Weren’t you still mad when we were at the police station just now? You still want me to hug you now?” Jiang Yao’s heart ached for him. She was afraid of the beasts and monsters in this world, but she would never be afraid of her Lu Xingzhi.

“You know that I’m mad?” Lu Xingzhi raised an eyebrow and pulled her closer to himself. One of his hands was placed on her waist so that they were closer to each other while the other hand caressed her hair gently. “Try giving me a kiss, perhaps I won’t be mad anymore.”

Fox! He was given an inch but he wanted a mile!

However, Jiang Yao could not bear to reject him. She lifted her head and gave him a little peck on his lips as he wished, smiling with her eyes. “Happy?”

“Something’s missing.”

He replied pretentiously before shifting the woman in his arms onto his legs so that they were facing each other.

Jiang Yao shrieked while pressing her skirt down. She was a grown-up woman but he could carry her with ease as if he was carrying a lump of cotton, not only that, even forcing her to sit on his lap with her legs wide open. Her legs were right beside his, and in this position, he could definitely see everything beneath her skirt.

Lu Xingzhi curved up the corners of his lips and reached out to lift Jiang Yao’s skirt. She glared at him and slapped his naughty hand. However, his smile only became wider and he was even laughing while saying, “Kiss me one more time, then I’ll be happy.”

Jiang Yao thought that he was annoying but amusing at the same time. “If you’re not happy, just continue to be!”

Although Lu Xingzhi did not receive the second kiss from his beauty, he did not think that it was a pity. He tickled Jiang Yao’s waist with his fingertips softly without a pinch of strength, but that made the ticklish Jiang Yao crumple right into a dough twist.

Lu Xingzhi teased her for a while until he was satisfied. “As the old man said, ticklish women will adore their husbands.”

He paused, then praised her randomly. “You look so beautiful today! This dress suits you.”

He remembered that this dress was one of the dresses that he had bought with her in town. His woman really looked good in everything she wore.