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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 182 - Too Mild a Punishment

Chapter 182: Too Mild a Punishment

The journey Lu Xingzhi took was way too tough and ferocious. He didn’t think he was strong enough to walk on the same path.

The path was full of thorns and traps, how could one finish their journey without bruises and injuries?

Therefore, no one other than Lu Xingzhi with his strong perseverance and resilient skillset could travel on such an excruciating path.

Chen Xuyao was not exaggerating his remarks at all. Of the five brothers, Lu Xingzhi had selected the toughest and most dangerous path. He also carried the heaviest burden on his shoulders.

Jiang Yao tilted her head as she listened. She seemed to understand it, but was also a little clueless at the same time.

She had no idea what Lu Xingzhi, who was a sergeant now, had given up for her so far. Before her rebirth, with such excellent skills and influential support, he had only been a sergeant for eleven years until the day he died. What opportunity did he dismiss for her? She was absolutely clueless.

Very soon, Lu Xingzhi returned to the room. He frowned as soon as he entered the room. They were perfectly quiet and there was a hint of solemness in Jiang Yao’s expression. He said flatly, “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

After knowing that Chen Xuyao was staying at the same hotel as they did, Lu Xingzhi glanced at him and Jiang Yao. Then, he held Jiang Yao’s hand and walked out of the station quietly, and drove back to the hotel in the car that Chief Ye had prepared for him.

The first thing Lu Xinghi did as soon as they returned to the hotel was to get changed. He had no time to change the military uniform, which attracted unwanted attention, into something casual before he went out.

When Lu Xingzhi was in the bathroom getting changed, Chen Xuyao strode to Jiang Yao and whispered, “If Brother Xingzhi beats me later, you must save me, Jiang Yao.”

“He won’t beat you to death, there’s nothing to be scared of.” Jiang Yao flashed a coy smile at him.

The bathroom door opened before he was able to speak. He hurriedly sat up straight when a cold, whizzing question echoed from behind him. “Why are you still doing here? Go back to your room now.”

Chen Xuyao managed a sweet smile while pointing at his watch. “Brother, it’s lunchtime. Shall we go for lunch first?”

“Go ahead if you are hungry, but if you’re not, go back to your room and wait,” Lu Xingzhi uttered, bluntly implying that Chen Xuyao had overstayed his welcome.

Chen Xuyao nodded sheepishly. Before he left the room, he blinked at Jiang Yao pleadingly.

When there were only two of them in the room, Lu Xingzhi poured Jiang Yao a glass of water and sat beside her, asking in a low voice, “What did Xuyao come to you for?”

Lu Xingzhi knew that their meeting was not a coincidence, and they had not been taken to the police station for no reason either. He was not informed of Chen Xuyao’s intention to come to Nanjiang City lately, so he was certain that Chen Xuyao was here to meet Jiang Yao.

Grabbing the glass in her hand, Jiang Yao quietly glanced at Lu Xingzhi, and unexpectedly, their gazes met. She smiled timidly and looked back at her glass.

There was not much emotion on his stone-cold face. He locked his cool and concentrated gaze on her. Jiang Yao knew that he was upset, but she wasn’t sure if he was unhappy because she didn’t stay at the hotel as they promised, or because of the Zhang family’s shenanigans.

“Zhou Weiqi came to meet me the other day and something happened.” Chen Xuyao advised her to be frank, so she told him everything that had happened to her recently.

“Qi Xiang?” Lu Xingzhi was aware of such a person being Zhou Weiqi’s friend, but after Jiang Yao’s illustration, he wanted to murder the guy right there and then. He mentioned Zhang Xiqing’s name again and growled in an eerily cold voice, “The kick I gave was too mild a punishment.”

If he had learned about the incident sooner, Zhang Xiqing would not have ended with just a simple kick.