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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 178 - My Brother! What a Coincidence!

Chapter 178: My Brother! What a Coincidence!

As it turned out, Chen Xuyao was very cocky. He sat with his leg crossed, simply smirked at Zhang Xiqing’s unending accusations. He waited until Zhang Xiqing finished her allegations against him before speaking. “Yup, I attacked you first, so what? I’m actually doing you a favor by teaching you a lesson. Many people don’t even have the privilege for me to do so! Listen carefully, I’ve never hit a woman before. You, Zhang Xiqing, are the first! You should feel honored!”

The police officer massaged his forehead in agitation upon Chen Xuyao’s remark. He had yet to learn the true identity of this man who was more pompous than the Zhang family, but he was very certain that he was either a fuerdai[1] or from an affluent political family.

Jiang Yao was amused by Chen Xuyao’s remarks. She burst out laughing despite the fact that they were in inappropriate circumstances.

Chen Xuyao looked at Jiang Yao when he heard her laughter, intrigued. At this moment, he was even more amazed by her. She and his buddy, famously nicknamed Hades Lu, were indeed a match made in heaven. Instead of wailing and complaining about how he had caused her to be taken to the police station, she was still in the mood to laugh.

“Jiang Yao, I’m very glad to see you smile. By the way, since I have managed to make you laugh, could you please help me appeal for Brother Lu’s mercy?” Chen Xuyao said sheepishly while touching his nose. It was not his intention to make a big deal out of it, but he couldn’t control himself. He wished he could show those two rude brats what a living hell was.

Luckily, he had taken a precaution while they were on the way to the station. He had called his big brother, Liang Yueze, and explained the situation to him, convinced that he would arrange for someone to handle the situation for them. He was positive that the officers wouldn’t dare lock him and Jiang Yao up, and that their charges would be dropped in no time.

Unfortunately, he was digging his own grave by being too loud and cocky. Little did he know that he had attracted Lu Xingzhi’s attention with his voice. Lu Xingzhi leaned in to listen closely while asking the officer beside him, “Who are inside the room?”

“Oh, it’s a case about a fight at the hotel,” the officer answered gingerly.

To the officer’s surprise, Lu Xingzhi immediately opened the door and went in.

“Hey, Sergeant Lu! Sergeant Lu!” The officer screamed behind him in shock. What was he doing? Didn’t he come to investigate the car accident? Why did he want to pry into other cases?

The suddenly opened door caught everyone in the room by surprise. Reflexively, they all looked towards the door and the man who walked in. Chen Xuyao’s eyes widened in extreme shock and he literally froze upon seeing Lu Xingzhi. He screamed inside, ‘Why is he here? How long has he been here? Jiang Yao has been with me the whole time, I didn’t even see her touch her phone or anything!”

Chen Xuyao turned to look at Jiang Yao in skepticism and confusion. She looked back at him and suddenly figured something out. “Oh, before he left the hotel, your Brother Lu told me that he would be going to the police station. I didn’t expect everyone to coincidentally end up at the same place.”

On second thought, it was not really a coincidence after all. Chen Zhibin’s mother’s accident had occurred in this district, so it was normal for Lu Xingzhi to come to this station for his investigation.

Lu Xingzhi was not the least surprised to find Chen Xuyao sitting in the room with his leg crossed as he had heard his voice from outside the room, but he was quite shocked to see his dear wife sitting next to Chen Xuyao, blinking her innocent and sparkling eyes at him.

His wife was supposed to wait for him in the hotel room. How did she end up at the police station?

“My brother! What a coincidence!” Chen Xuyao raised to his feet frantically and waved at Lu Xingzhi. He then pushed Jiang Yao toward Lu Xingzhi. “Hey, Brother, look! Jiang Yao is here too! What are the odds?”

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at Chen Xuyao. He was obviously pushing her to quench Lu Xingzhi’s wrath out of fear.

Lu Xingzhi ignored Chen Xuyao after an irritated glance. He looked at Jiang Yao and commanded in a stiff and stern tone, “Come here.”

Jiang Yao’s heart skipped a beat. Lu Xingzhi was angry! Yikes!

[1] a term referring to the second-generation rich