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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 169 - Favorable Impression

Chapter 169: Favorable Impression

“Every day, my little girl says that she wants to marry Ultraman and that she wants to save the world with him!” Mr. Huang said with a laugh and pointed at Huang Chengjing. “His daughter, who isn’t even three years old yet, can’t stop talking about Ultraman, calling him the most powerful man on earth.”

“Oh, I can’t be Miss Huang’s third wheel then,” Jiang Yao replied chicly. The little girl that Mr. Huang was talking about was his granddaughter, who was Huang Chengjing’s daughter.

Jiang Yao’s intention in saving Mr. Huang was not to gain a monetary benefit to begin with. She had benefited from this incident with the Favorability Value, and the increment in the value was an unexpected reward brought to her by this incident. In fact, Huang Chengjing had praised her in front of so many people this morning and even insulted the Zhang family by doing so. She had gained so much from this and she was happy with what she had.

“Mr. Huang, your son has given me an unforgettable token of gratitude this morning, so you don’t have to give me any more gifts. I was just doing what I could that day at the restaurant, I don’t want anything,” Jiang Yao replied with a serious and stern tone despite the decent smile on her face.

She expressed her thought very clearly that she didn’t need any more rewards from him. The Gratitude Block that Huang Chengjing sponsored was already the best gift she could ever receive and she would forever remember their generosity.

Not only were both the young and old Mr. Huangs taken unawares by Jiang Yao’s remarks, but even Chancellor Wen also glanced at her in awe.

Chancellor Wen was fully aware of the events unfolded in the university for the past few days. First, Zhang Xiqing had accused Jiang Yao of having a sugar daddy. Then, the Zhang family threw in a lot of money in order to get their daughter to be the freshman representative. Zhang Xiqing was obviously hostile and bitter towards Jiang Yao, so Chancellor Wen thought that Jiang Yao would take advantage of the situation and ask Mr. Huang to retaliate Zhang Xiqing for her sake.

To his surprise, Jiang Yao did not do so.

As for the Huangs, they assumed that late teenage girls were quite materialistic and naïve when they left their homes for the first time for college. They lacked the life experience to think wisely and plan for their future, unlike those who were already in the workforce. These young girls would not be able to resist the temptation of wealth and would ask for materialistic rewards that weren’t practical such as branded handbags, watches, or perhaps even sports cars and mansion.

Mr. Huang was intrigued. He looked at Jiang Yao in amusement and asked again, “Seriously? You don’t want anything else? Young lady, don’t let the chance slip by, it won’t come by again.”

When Jiang Yao shook her head, he turned to Principal Wen and uttered with a smile, “You have a wonderful student.”

By now, Mr. Huang genuinely adored Jiang Yao. Greed was an aspect of human nature, very few could live without desire and even fewer could resist the temptation that the fame and material could bring. However, Mr. Huang didn’t see any of these in Jiang Yao’s eyes. She was too young to understand the temptation, or perhaps it was not what she asked for.

After a second thought, as Mr. Huang looked at Jiang Yao again, he figured that Jiang Yao had something in her mind, but it was not on the common things that most of the people were after. Her eyes were bright and smart, unlike those who looked rather dispirited and hollow.

After a while, Mr. Huang began to look exhausted. He had just recovered not too long ago, after all.

“Mr. Huang, please have some rest. I’ll come with Jiang Yao to visit you again soon,” Chancellor Wen said as he noticed the fatigue on Mr. Huang’s face. Jiang Yao’s husband was still waiting for her on the third floor, so he and Jiang Yao quickly excused themselves.

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