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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 168 - Ask Ultraman

Chapter 168: Ask Ultraman

Mr. Huang had learned about the whole incident that happened in the restaurant the other day from He Maoming and Manager Sun. When he regained consciousness, his doctor had told him that if it wasn’t for Jiang Yao, he would have died in the restaurant.

“Hi Mr. Huang, how are you?” Jiang Yao walked into the ward graciously and greeted him. Then, she stood there as Mr. Huang looked at her as if he was looking at the prized cat in an exhibition.

She didn’t mind the stare. If he wanted to look at her, be her guest.

“Hi! I’m fine! In fact, I feel terrific!”

Mr. Huang withdrew his gaze and started laughing. His first impression of her was great and he began to admire this confident young lady. It was rare for a girl her age to have such a calm and relaxed temperament.

“Thanks to you, young lady! You saved my life!”

When Jiang Yao was saving him, she didn’t think much of the patient’s identity except that he must be a somebody. Little did she know that the man was actually the chairman of Hairun Group, and he was exceptionally kind and friendly.

Before rebirth, her life didn’t revolve around the upper-class social society. She didn’t even recognize the wealthy and famous people in Nanjiang City. Now, she had saved the life of one of the men of substance in Nanjiang City.

“Dad, I’ve sponsored the construction fund for the entire western district of Nanjiang Medical University and also a building that will be named Gratitude Block,” Huang Chengjing said.

“Great! You did a good job!” Mr. Huang nodded delightfully. He thought to himself how his eldest son had always been cautious and prudent in his execution of things. Although Huang Chengjing had not informed him about this plan in advance, he believed that his son had a reason for doing so.

Jiang Yao turned a sideways glance at Huang Chengjing and quickly looked away so he wouldn’t notice it.

She assumed that the donation of Gratitude Block was the decision made by both Mr. Huang and Huang Chengjing. As it turned out, it was an idea that Huang Chengjing thought of suddenly this morning. No wonder Chancellor Wen looked so awkward and peculiar when Huang Chengjing made the speech this morning.

What was the reason behind Huang Chengjing’s decision of spending a hefty amount of money on the construction project in the western district of the campus?

“Jiang Yao, you saved my life, so what can I do to return your favor? I can give you anything as far as Hairun Group can get.” Mr. Huang was sincere and earnest in his remark. After all, he could survive all thanks to Jiang Yao. Should she not have lent a hand in time and persevered in rescuing him, he didn’t know what would become of him now.

Chancellor Wen had speculated that Mr. Huang would give Jiang Yao something as a token of gratitude, which most probably and practical would be money. A monetary gift might seem superficial and shallow, but it could buy off many things, such as the favor he owed her.

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To his surprise, Mr. Huang allowed Jiang Yao to make her request. He must like her very much.

“Mr. Huang, aren’t you afraid that I would make ridiculous demands?” Jiang Yao chuckled chicly. Honestly, what if she asked for the lion’s share of Hairun Group? Jokes aside, Jiang Yao comprehended that as a form of trust Mr. Huang had for her.

Perhaps due to Jiang Yao’s blunt remarks, Mr. Huang laughed out loud cheerfully. He patted the chair next to his bed, gesturing at Jiang Yao to sit. “Come, tell me what sort of ridiculous demand you mean. Do you want the stars in the sky? Or the moon?”

“Hmm~” Jiang Yao pinched her chin, pretending to be thinking hard, then answered with a serious expression, “I want the entire universe.”

“Haha! You’d have to ask Ultraman for that!” Mr. Huang burst out laughing at her request.

Jiang Yao couldn’t hold it back either. She giggled joyfully and complimented him. “Mr. Huang, you are so funny!”