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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 167 - Encounter

Chapter 167: Encounter

Lu Xingzhi reached out his hand to hold Jiang Yao’s hand first, and only then did he reach out his right hand to shake Chancellor Wen and Huang Chengjing’s hands.

Huang Chengjing was very shocked. First, he saw the seemingly introverted girl dashing towards a man and lunging into his arms. Then, he heard Chancellor Wen saying that the man was Jiang Yao’s husband. Huang Chengjing was astonished and his jaw almost fell to the ground.

A girl, who was just in her first year of university, was married? However, Huang Chengjing smiled when he saw Jiang Yao’s expression during the conversation with her husband. That was the energy an eighteen-year-old girl should have. At a single glance, he could tell that Jiang Yao really cared about her husband with all her heart.

The three of them greeted each other and Lu Xingzhi only let go of Jiang Yao’s hand after he heard her saying that she was going upstairs to visit the Chairman of Hairun Group.

“I will be waiting for you on the third floor. Come and find me once you’re done. I will bring you to visit my comrade,” Lu Xingzhi spoke while gently patting on Jiang Yao’s head. “Tomorrow is Saturday and I will be staying in Nanjiang City for the whole day tomorrow. Remember to take a leave and come out at night.”

“Okay…” Jiang Yao nodded and then reached out her hands to cover her head. She was going to pay someone a visit. If she let him continue messing with her hair, was she going to meet the chairman of Hairun Group with a bird’s nest on her head?

Lu Xingzhi, who was about to leave, followed the three of them up the stairs and split paths on the third floor. He went back to find his comrade, Chen Zhibin, and waited for Jiang Yao in his mother’s ward.

After Lu Xingzhi left, Huang Chengjing let out a sigh of relief. He looked at Chancellor Wen and realized that he clearly felt relaxed out of a sudden. Huang Chengjing could not help but shake his head and laugh.

Both him and Chancellor Wen had seen the elephant but they had never expected to be pressured by a young man today.

Four of them walked up the stairs together. In that short period of time, Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao did not talk but he was holding her hand all the time.

Although he did not say anything and followed them while holding Jiang Yao’s hand, Huang Chengjing and Chancellor Wen could still sense enormous pressure. The strange thing was that the aura came from the young man who was behind them.

That aura could get anyone on their nerves and get them to place all of their attention on Lu Xingzhi.

Once Lu Xingzhi left, Huang Chengjing finally got back the freedom to breathe in and out deeply.

“Jiang Yao, which unit is your husband from?” Huang Chengjing could sense that Jiang Yao’s husband was not an ordinary soldier.

Jiang Yao’s husband’s face did not even flinch when he heard the name Hairun Group. He was not sure if he had not heard about Hairun Group before or if Hairun Group was not worthy enough to get his attention.

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Huang Chengjing believed it was the latter because even if he had never heard of Hairun Group, the word ‘Group’ would catch any ordinary person’s attention. After all, any company that could be named a ‘Group’ would not be any small enterprise in town.

“He’s not from Nanjiang City.” Jiang Yao’s reply was more casual. After all, she did not consider Huang Chengjing as someone close to her and there was no need for her to explain Lu Xingzhi’s affairs in detail to him.

Huang Chengjing was not a foolish person. Once he heard Jiang Yao’s reply, he understood and did not continue to ask her.

The chairman of Hairun Group’s ward was on the fifth floor. When Huang Chengjing led them into the ward, Chairman Huang was reading his newspaper. Just as Huang Chengjing had said, he seemed energetic.

Chairman Huang was wearing his hospital gown in the ward. Without his cold suit, he looked friendlier than the first time Jiang Yao had met him.

“Jiang Yao, come come come…” Although he did not see Jiang Yao that day at the restaurant, Chairman Huang had seen Jiang Yao’s photo in the newspaper afterwards, and that was why he could recognise her once she stepped into the ward.