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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 165 - The General Manager of Hairun Group

Chapter 165: The General Manager of Hairun Group

Therefore, Zhang Xiqing gritted her teeth and decided to talk about her process of growing up. She talked about the things she learned at a specific age, the people who praised her, and the awards she received. Also, she bragged about how good she was at playing the piano and how much she liked playing the piano. At the end of her speech, the whole topic revolved around her experience learning how to play the piano.

Actually, if Zhang Xiqing had not been that arrogant and had stepped down the stage after finishing her fifteen-minute speech, she would not have further embarrassed herself. However, she insisted on using up all the time that Jiang Yao had left for her.

Her script was written by someone else and it was flawless but she chose to talk about her life. To be honest, no one was interested about it, especially with the tone she used while she was speaking and her facial expression. It was as if she was completely bragging about it and the audience lost their patience over time. Shortly after, the audience started to ignore her and talk to their friends around them. Zhang Xiqing’s voice drowned in the voices of the audience below the stage.

When Jiang Yao witnessed the scene, she wanted to clap her hands and cheer for that!

All she wanted was to embarrass Zhang Xiqing and let her be the biggest joke on stage by insisting that she stood there until the time was up.

At last, even the emcee could not stand her anymore. He walked up the stage and invited Zhang Xiqing, whose eyes had become watery due to anger, to step down. Zhang Xiqing had probably gone crazy by that time, she even grabbed the microphone and threatened Jiang Yao before she came down from the stage. “Jiang Yao, I will take my revenge! I will take my revenge!”

Zhang Xiqing’s words were greeted with boos from the audience. If it was not because of the Zhang family, there might have been people throwing shoes onto the stage by that time.

Huang Chengjing and Chancellor Wen went up the stage together with the emcee. The emcee said a few words to calm the audience and passed the microphone to Chancellor Wen. After Chancellor Wen took over the microphone, he only introduced the man’s identity and passed the microphone to the person beside him.

Most of the freshmen were locals of Nanjiang City. Once they heard that he was the General Manager of Hairun Group, the audience were wowed.

“I believe that everyone here knows about the story of a freshman saving a life, right? The reason why I’m here today is to personally express my appreciation for Miss Jiang Yao. The old man whom Miss Jiang saved back then was my father.” When Huang Chengjing said that, his eyes looked in the direction of Jiang Yao. Both of their eyes met and he smiled at Jiang Yao in a friendly manner.

Then, he continued by saying, “In order to show appreciation for Miss Jiang’s help for my father, and to appreciate Nanjiang Medical University for being able to cultivate students like her who are brave and willing to lend their help, Hairun Group will be fully sponsoring the expansion project of the western block of Nanjiang Medical University. Also, the new building in the western block will be named the Gratitude Block to remember the kindness of Miss Jiang Yao and Nanjiang Medical University on behalf of Hairun Group and the Huang family.”

When he said that, he even led the audience to give a round of applause. “Therefore, I think that I need to make some corrections to Jiang Yao’s speech just now. Jiang Yao is indeed worthy of the title of the freshman representative. She did contribute to Nanjiang Medical University and this had nothing to do with money. There are too many things that you can learn from her and it will be useful throughout the rest of your life if you learn them. Those are the experiences that you can’t buy with money.”

Jiang Yao, who sat below the stage, was staring at Huang Chengjing from far away. It was no wonder he was the General Manager of the Hairun Group. He was used to speaking at formal affairs as a person with high status and the way he spoke was more tactful and slick.

When she was mocking Zhang Xiqing, she needed to be very careful with her words. As for Huang Chengjing, he came straight up and slapped the Zhang family in the face. He was speaking openly while insinuating that the Zhang family had used money to get the title of freshman representative for Zhang Xiqing. Even so, Jiang Yao was the only freshman representative who lived up to the title in Huang Chengjing’s eyes. Only she deserved the title and that was the way how Huang Chengjing conveyed the message to everyone, saying that the Huang family of Hairun Group had Jiang Yao’s back now.