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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 163 - Returned Your Compliment

Chapter 163: Returned Your Compliment

Jiang Yao curved up her lips into a faint smile. When she smiled, her head was slightly lowered. In Qi Xuan’s eyes, she looked as if she was bashful.

Zhang Xiqing arrived not long after Jiang Yao sat down. Just like what happened in her last life, Zhang Xiqing treated the freshman representative’s speech as the grandest show in her life. She was wearing a very formal outfit with heavy makeup on her face. Also, anyone could smell the scent of her perfume when they approached her.

To be honest, Jiang Yao loved the perfume that Zhang Xiqing used. However, she had applied too much. Once the smell got too strong, it could be very unpleasant.

When Zhang Xiqing saw Jiang Yao, she gave her a gloomy look. She still could not figure out what had happened last night. After Jiang Yao left, Qi Xiang left too right after he gave her a mean glare.

Upon noticing that Jiang Yao had no makeup on her face, Zhang Xiqing snorted and laughed silently in her heart. She was indeed a country bumpkin who did not even know how to put on some cosmetics to prep herself up.

By giving a speech on the stage as the freshman representative, her photos were going to be kept in the school magazine and the school’s publicity board but she had only dressed herself up casually.

Jiang Yao knew that Zhang Xiqing was looking at her. However, she did not bother about her and only focused on her conversation with Qi Xuan who was beside her. She did not know that her meticulous makeup only made her look casual to Zhang Xiqing who had applied heavy makeup. She could only say that the difference between each other’s esthetic preferences was too scary.

Jiang Yao was sitting on her seat. As she was talking with Qi Xiang, her side was facing Zhang Xiqing. Therefore, Zhang Xiqing could only see that Jiang Yao was wearing a red dress. She could not tell its brand nor notice Jiang Yao’s legs at her side. Naturally, she had not witnessed Jiang Yao’s beauty when she stood up.

Jiang Yao only stopped talking to Qi Xuan once the school opening ceremony began. It started off with the vice-chancellor’s speech followed by the dean’s. Then, it was time for the freshman representatives to give their speech.

When she heard the emcee call out Jiang Yao’s name and invited her to be the first to go up the stage and give her speech, Zhang Xiqing wished that her eyes could turn into sharp daggers and stab Jiang Yao to death immediately.

Once Jiang Yao got on the stage, her faint smile won a round of applause from the audience. It was evident that she was popular among all the freshmen.

Jiang Yao looked even appealing on stage with her high heels. She did not bring along her script. With a faint smile on her face, she kept her eyes on the audience and the spotlight was on her. The audience remained silent as they were all waiting for her to speak.

“My respected lecturers and friends, I’m honored to stand here and introduce myself as one of the freshman representatives. At the same time, I feel as if I’m not worthy of this title because I’m only a freshman. I have not done anything significant for the school nor brought any glory to the school. Everyone only knows my name, Jiang Yao, a freshman of the medical school, through the news in the Nanjiang Morning Post.

I hope that I, Jiang Yao, will be able to stand here again as an outstanding graduate in a few years’ time and once again share my learning experience as well as my university life with all of you. As for now, I’m just an eagle chick that has just left home and has a thirst for knowledge. I can’t mislead all of you and that’s why I will not continue my speech for today! I hope that we will create more wonders in our future university lives! Thank you!”

Jiang Yao’s eyes fell on Zhang Xiqing who was sitting below the stage. “A wise man once said that time has more value than gold and we can never buy more time. However, this quote is not suitable for me at the moment and I will hand over the stage to Miss Zhang, who has made many contributions to our school. Now, I will give my time to Zhang Xiqing. Also, I would like to express my appreciation for Miss Zhang’s contributions to our school on behalf of all the students of Nanjiang Medical University. Thank you.”