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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 161 - Negotiate

Chapter 161: Negotiate

Once Jiang Yao stepped into the room, she heard Wen Xuehui complaining about someone unknown messing around with her. She explained that her father was not actually looking for her and she had made a wasted trip. However, her journey did not go to waste because her father had finally promised to buy her a phone after clinging onto him for quite some time.

Back at Jindo City, Zhou Weiqi was contemplating if he should tell Lu Xingzhi about what had just happened. That incident was neither significant nor insignificant. If he ever said that it was not significant, it was actually quite a serious matter.

Zhou Weiqi was certain that Qi Xiang would not dare to disturb Jiang Yao anymore after picking up his call. However, it was evidently true that Qi Xiang did harass Jiang Yao before.

How could he be unaware of how protective Lu Xingzhi was towards his wife? Back then, Lu Xingzhi did not even allow anyone to badmouth Jiang Yao behind her back when she did not even bother to talk to him. Now that their relationship had gotten better, Lu Xingzhi would probably protect Jiang Yao with everything he had no matter the cost.

How could anyone in Jindo City not know that Hades Lu had a bad temper? He could put up a poker face or shoot an icy glare at any time. If Lu Xingzhi found out that Jiang Yao was harassed by Qi Xiang, he might abandon his job in the troop and rush straight back to Nanjiang City to settle the matter himself. Alternatively, he might go against Jiang Yao’s wish and drag her all the way to Jindo City so that he could have his eyes on her all the time.

After some thought, Zhou Weiqi decided to call his big brother, Liang Yueze, to give him a heads up. Even if they were on the phone, Zhou Weiqi could feel the chilling aura radiating from his big brother’s side.

“Bro, it’s all my fault. I was the one to start this and I’ve caused trouble for her. Later, I will take a flight to Nanjiang City and settle that personally. Also, I will apologize to Jiang Yao.” Zhou Weiqi’s attitude in apologizing was great, but he was still irritated by the fact that he was blinded by the gum in his eyes to have treated Qi Xiang as his friend.

Liang Yueze’s first reaction was to scold Weiqi as a pig when he told him everything but he held that back.

He thought for a while and said, “Don’t tell Xingzhi about that yet. Judging by his temper, it’s not impossible for him to murder Qi Xiang,” He was not worried about making away with Qi Xiang, but Lu Xingzhi was going to have a promotion and he could not afford to suffer the consequences. However, Lu Xingzhi would lose all his senses in everything which involved Jiang Yao.

If we were to talk about the past experience, upon knowing that Jiang Yao was involved in a mishap, he had put his troops aside and rushed straight back to her without any hesitation despite knowing that Jiang Yao had only suffered minor injuries which were nowhere close to fatal. If not for Liang Yueze’s help, he would have been punished once he returned but fortunately, he was just assumed to have taken his annual leave beforehand.

“Weiqi, your family have their eyes on you. If you were to put everything aside and rush to Nanjiang City now, I’m afraid that your family might accuse you of slacking from your job. You know your dad’s temper…” Zhou Weiqi’s father could be convinced easily and anyone could gain his trust without fail. Weiqi’s father was very upset when Weiqi decided to move out of the family. If anyone were to badmouth him at that particular time, his father might give up on him completely.

When Liang Yueze spoke about that, he thought for a few seconds and said, “Let Xuyao go to Nanjiang City in your place to settle that tomorrow. Although the Qi family is based in Nanjiang City, it’s not an impossible task to bring them down.”

“Alright, I will do as you say. Let me give Jiang Yao a call and explain to her.” Zhou Weiqi sighed. He thought about the people in his family who were not easy to deal with and his brothers who were not blood-related to him and sighed. People have been saying that blood is always thicker than water. However, the people that bothered him the most in the world were his own family members. No one in the Zhou family could be on par with his four buddies.