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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: I’m Not Going

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Jiang Yao glanced at Lu Xingzhi and chuckled. “Sister, is it true? That’s so funny. What happened then?”

“Then, he always sat by himself as no one wanted to sit next to him,” Lu Yuqing said with a giggle. “His classmates were all afraid of him but he didn’t seem to catch that, still putting on the solemn and serious face. Anyway, he didn’t have the time and mood to have fun at the time. All he did was study because he wanted to apply to Jindo Military College.”

Lu Yuqing sighed and continued, “Three times. From the time he was young till now, I’ve only seen him smile so happily three times. The first time was when he received the letter of admission from Jindo Military College. The second time was when he came home at the end of the year before last for unknown reasons. The third time was at your wedding. A few of his friends said that he laughed like a fool, especially during the wedding banquet. From what I can see now, it’s kind of similar to the foolish smile!”

“Eat,” Lu Xingzhi commanded, sounding like a monarch who gave orders. He restored his usual deadpan expression when Lu Yuqing indulged in her memory.

After speaking, Lu Xingzhi kept his head down and ate his lunch quickly. His fast eating pace was trained at the base. It was as fast as a tornado sweeping through the dining table. Although he would deliberately slow down when he dined at home, the speed still caught the slow-eater Jiang Yao by surprise.

“It’s so rare that we get to eat together as a family. I’ll grab some wine, let’s have a drink together,” Mrs. Lu announced suddenly. She raised to her feet, went to the kitchen with a smile, and took out her homemade wine from the fridge.

It was such a great pleasure to drink some chilled homemade wine in the hot summer. Even Lu Xingzhi adored the taste.

“I missed the wine when I was at the base.” Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao. “Since you’ve graduated from high school, do you want to try some?”

“Xingzhi is right! Jiang Yao, let’s celebrate for you today. Congratulations for being admitted to Nanjiang Medical University. You will be the future doctor of our family!” Mr. Lu remarked with a chirping laugh. “You are about to go to college, that means you’re a big girl now. Your mother-in-law’s wine is very nice, you should try some.”

“Celebrate?” Lu Yuqing’s shrill voice resonated instantly, but before she could continue, Zhao Zhuangzong hurriedly spoke, “Yes, we should celebrate! Jiang Yao will be a college student soon, we are so proud of you! Although it’s been a while since the college entrance exam has been reintroduced, there are very few female college students in this town, and even fewer who have been accepted by the key universities! Jiang Yao’s high school grades were among the top in town. Now, the honorary student is admitted to a prestigious college. We really should celebrate!”

Zhao Zhuangzong knew his wife’s temper like the back of his hands. He had no doubts that if his wife continued to attack Jiang Yao, the lunch would end with a quarrel with her brother and an unhappy farewell.

Lu Xingzhi looked at Zhao Zhuangzong. Jiang Yao voiced out before he could speak.

“Mom, Dad, I’ve made a decision. I will not attend Nanjiang Medical University.” Jiang Yao had been thinking about this matter from the moment she received the letter of admission, or rather, when the letter was thrown at her face. “Dad, Mom, I’m sorry I was stubborn and selfish about this matter. I only thought about myself, but I didn’t think of you and Xingzhi. I regret it. I shouldn’t have applied to Nanjiang, but I did, and it’s too late to regret the decision now. So, I’ve decided that I will not go to Nanjiang.”

“You’re not going?” Mrs. Lu shouted in a sharp tone. “You don’t want to attend college?”