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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 159 - Zhou Weiqi Was Mad

Chapter 159: Zhou Weiqi Was Mad

It was not a big issue for him even if they came from different family backgrounds. If she did not have a powerful family behind her back, no one could possibly restrain him from mingling with other women in the future.

If this beautiful woman became his wife, he could be honored when he brought her out for social activities. If he ever got bored of her, he would be the one to call the shots on whether he wanted to divorce her or to find another woman.

Moreover, it would take another three to four years before Jiang Yao graduated. Would there be any point in marrying her if he already got bored of her body by that time?

He only had one thing going on his mind at that time. It was to get her into his bed tonight.

“B*stard!” Weiqi blew up straightaway. “That son of a b*tch! I’m going to see if he really has the guts to marry Jiang Yao!”

How would it be possible for Weiqi to not know about Jiang Yao’s purpose of giving him the call? Qi Xiang must have been following her around the campus and constantly harassing her. That was why Jiang Yao let him hear their conversation.

Weiqi ended the call straightaway and called Qi Xiang immediately.

Qi Xiang was waiting for Jiang Yao’s reply so he frowned impatiently when his phone rang.

However, he was stunned when he saw that it was Weiqi who was calling. He looked at the woman who had a calm expression on her face subconsciously and picked up the phone without any delay.

“Qi Xiang! Are you fed up of living? How dare you disturb Jiang Yao! I, Zhou Weiqi, treated you as a friend and what about you? Who do you think I am? I must have been blind to treat you as my friend! I’m warning you, if you dare lay a finger on Jiang Yao, I will get the whole Qi family out of planet Earth within a week!” Weiqi was rampaging on the other side of the phone. If Qi Xiang were to stand in front of him at that moment, he would have beaten that b*stard into pulp.

Weiqi treated Qi Xiang sincerely as a friend. That was why he had not looked for anyone else and looked for Qi Xiang instead when he was in Nanjiang City. He had never thought that Qi Xiang would try to put his hands on Jiang Yao.

Qi Xiang had a lot of girlfriends back in his university days and Weiqi was well aware of that. However, Zhou Weiqi grew up with people like him, so that seemed normal for him. The number of girlfriends he had did not affect their friendship.

However, he could not tolerate him anymore if Qi Xiang tried to put his hands on Jiang Yao!

Weiqi didn’t even dare to think about how Qi Xiang had found Jiang Yao. Was Qi Xiang spying on him, and had that led him to Jiang Yao? How long had he been harassing her to the extent that she had no choice but to give him a call because she could not take it anymore?

Weiqi was boiling with rage besides shifting the blame onto himself. He felt guilty toward Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao.

He needed a house and Lu Xingzhi gave him one straightaway, and even Jiang Yao did not say anything about it. However, he had caused Jiang Yao trouble just by going to Nanjiang City once.

“Weiqi, I…” Qi Xiang glanced at Jiang Yao who stood there quietly while staring at him. He got anxious. Could it be that the relationship between Jiang Yao and Zhou Weiqi was not as he imagined?

“Let me tell you, Qi Xiang. You are no match for Jiang Yao’s status even if you bring the whole Qi family in front of her! Get out of her sight right now! I will be in Nanjiang City tomorrow!” Weiqi was really mad. He no longer wanted to speak to Qi Xiang and ended the call right away. He then called Jiang Yao and apologized to her continuously. “Jiang Yao, I’m sorry. I’ve caused you great trouble, I will book a flight right now and rush to Nanjiang City. I promise that I’ll give you an explanation!”

“Weiqi, it’s okay, there’s no need for you to come over.” Jiang Yao was not trying to blame Weiqi but it would be the most straightforward and effective way for him to settle that because Qi Xiang had misunderstood her relationship with Weiqi. Therefore, she had asked for Weiqi’s help to provide the explanation. Also, it was also the perfect chance for Weiqi to have a clear look at his so-called ‘friend’.