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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 151 - Wingmen

Chapter 151: Wingmen

Wen Xuehui was cuddling Moe in a daze, the Zhang family occupying her mind to the brim. She gazed curiously at the phone that Jiang Yao hurled away dramatically, but decided against her curiosity to grab her phone and look at what had triggered such a comical response from Jiang Yao.

“Jiang Yao, the opening ceremony and orientation will be in two days’ time. You should prepare for the speech whenever you’re free in these two days.” Wen Xuehui’s face twisted in a disdainful grimace when she thought about Zhang Xiqing. “The Zhang family has really spoiled Zhang Xiqing rotten! I bet that her upbringing was totally lenient and pampered. They’ve even arrange for a few minions for her at the university! She’s here to study, not fight in a war! Hu Yuan is one of the people that Zhang Xiqing has brought with her, while the other two boys are distant relatives of the Zhang family. The Zhang family has helped them get accepted into our university with the sole purpose of keep Zhang Xiqing company.”

Jiang Yao gaped in shock. She thought that those people were simply currying favor with Zhang Xiqing, little did she expect that they were actually sent in here by the Zhang family. Wasn’t it obvious that the Zhang family had intentionally brought wingmen in just for Zhang Xiqing?

“In order to arrange for those kids to get in this university, the Zhang family had donated one million dollars! This is just the official number stated in the report. Who knows how much they had actually spent to bribe the university leaders in private, in order for them to accept the admission of these kids who didn’t even pass the college entrance exam.”

Wen Xuehui sighed before continuing, “My dad said that our university has been suffering some financial distress recently. Did you know that a large construction site in the western part of the campus has been forced into being suspended? It was supposed to be a site for new dormitory buildings and lecture halls, but it has been suspended for more than two years due to insufficient funds.”

Nanjiang Medical University was founded a hundred years ago. The original dormitory buildings, lecture halls, and administrative buildings had decayed over time, which was the main reason the university had started construction of a new dormitory and buildings in the western part of the campus. Jiang Yao recalled that in her previous life, the construction site remained suspended even after she graduated.

The reason why Wen Xuehui was so frank to Jiang Yao about this was because she wanted to tell her what kind of person Zhang Xiqing and her family were.

However, an amusing thought crossed Jiang Yao’s mind when she heard it. She turned back and smiled at Wen Xuehui. “Do you think the Zhang family will continue to invest money in the university for the sake of letting Zhang Xiqing be the freshman representative? You know, for example, through sponsorship for the suspended construction project?”

As Wen Xuehui listened to Jiang Yao while stroking Moe’s soft fur, her hands froze, the sudden change of expression in her eyes indicating to Jiang Yao that she knew the answer.

“Very likely, isn’t it?” Jiang Yao continued, “If the Zhan family is really so generous, I don’t mind letting Zhang Xiqing be the freshman representative!”

Wen Xuehui gave it a thought and shook her head. “Although they are rich, they are not that rich. The construction of the western block is a very costly project and I doubt the Zhang family has the financial capacity to support it.”

The Zhang family was indeed a well-known wealthy family in Nanjiang City, but they would not spend so much money on something without a promise of interest return. A profitable investment was a businessmen’s priority. Investment in the university’s construction projects was just a chance to earn a good reputation instead of monetary benefit.

Furthermore, based on Wen Xuehui’s understanding of the Zhang family, the branches of the family extended quite vastly, so it was very unlikely that the rest of the family would agree to withdraw such a large amount of money from the company capital for a university. After all, what was beneficial to Zhang Xiqing was not necessarily equally beneficial to the entire Zhang family, and Zhang Xiqing and her family were not the sole heirs to the Zhang family’s business empire.

Wen Xuehui returned her focus on Jiang Yao after expressing all her distressing thoughts. She noticed how Jiang Yao would always peek at her phone from time to time while they were chatting.

“What did the phone do to you?” Wen Xuehui lurched forward, wanting to grab Jiang Yao’s phone.