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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 150 - Ruffian

Chapter 150: Ruffian

“Wow, you know quite a lot, I’m impressed.” Jiang Yao looked at Moe with an ambiguous smile. “Were you there just now?”

Moe rolled his eyes. After Jiang Yao and the girls had gone out that morning, he went out and wandered around the campus leisurely. He was confidently certain that he was more familiar with every nook and cranny of the campus than Jiang Yao was.

However, a thought crossed Jiang Yao’s mind after Moe’s reminder. Zhou Weiqi didn’t drive his car all the way from Jindo. He had friends in Nanjiang City, so he had most probably borrowed his friend’s car, as the license plate on the car was from Nanjiang City.

If the Zhang family followed the lead from the license plate and found Zhou Weiqi’s friend, who was a different person from the person in the photo, she assumed that they would end their investigation there and then. They would not mess with Zhou Weiqi’s friend out of frustration like idiots, would they?

“Anyway, be careful,” Moe said after not getting any response from Jiang Yao. He hopped onto Wen Xuehui’s lap, meowed adorably, and fell in a cozy and comfortable embrace.

Jiang Yao arched her eyebrows. She threw the Zhang family’s matters out of the window. Instead, she thought about Lu Xingzhi, wondering how he would react to her message this morning.

She retrieved her phone and was not surprised to see a notification for a new incoming message.

The text message was sent at lunchtime. Jiang Yao clicked it open excitedly and chuckled after reading it.

‘Don’t be picky, remember to eat properly. If I find out that you’re getting thinner, I’m going to punish you.’— From: Hubby.

As she read the message over and over again, Jiang Yao realized that Lu Xingzhi was quiet and reserved in person but very talkative in texts, just like the testament he had left her in the previous life. While he was alive, he would probably never say those words out loud until the day he died.

Lu Xingzhi was not good at expressing his emotions verbally or physically, but it did not mean that he was a dull and unenthusiastic man. On the contrary, he had a heart of gold with a cautious mind. His messages, no matter how short they were, could warm Jiang Yao’s heart instantly. His consideration and love were illustrated vibrantly in his lines of words.

“Punish me?” Jiang Yao grinned and proceeded to reply to his message.

‘Master Lu, what kind of punishment are you planning to impose on me? A hundred push-ups? 20 km run? Are you willing to see me exhausted?’

She clicked the send button and waited for his reply gleefully.

In the meantime, at the army base, Lu Xingzhi was in the office while his leader was talking to another person. Hearing the beep of notification from his phone, he took out his phone without much thought. The only person in the world who sent him messages would be Jiang Yao.

As soon as he clicked on the message and saw the first two words in it, ‘Master Lu’, he was amused. He was way too familiar with the address as this was how almost everyone addressed him when he was not in the base.

However, when Jiang Yao addressed him like this, Lu Xingzhi grinned chicly, imagining what kind of tone Jiang Yao was using to address him, or what kind of attitude was Jiang Yao in as she called him ‘Master Lu’.

Push-ups? Running? These were the usual punishment he used on his troops, and of course, he would not punish his dear wife in such a harsh manner.

His fingers hovered on the keypad. After a rapid thought, he quickly typed a message and sent it. After receiving the notification that the message was successfully sent, he squeezed his phone nervously, looking impatiently at the heated debate happening in front of him.

He wondered if Jiang Yao would be angry when she read the message. Would she think that he…


When the phone beeped, Jiang Yao swiftly clicked on the message to read it, and almost immediately, she threw the phone away as if it burned her hands!

‘Lu Xingzhi, you…

‘You ruffian! You thug!’