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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 149 - Married

Chapter 149: Married

She literally just said that the eyes were the mirror of the soul. It reflected on Professor Chen immediately, criticizing him for having a mindset of a cad.

“Okay, Professor Chen. Since you are so curious about me, I’ll be truthful, despite my reluctance.” Jiang Yao arched her eyebrows and sneered. “My husband bought the phone for me. Before you start accusing me of shamelessly referring my boyfriend as my husband and receive an expensive gift from him, let me be frank. I am married, officially married, we have the certificate, and whatnot. If you don’t believe me, and if anyone here has the power or authority, you can go to the university’s Registrar Office to check on my record file. I’m pretty sure it is stated that I’m married. If you are curious about who my husband is, I’m sorry, I’m not in the mood to satisfy your ridiculous curiosity.”

The last sentence was a direct mockery to Professor Chen, meaning that she didn’t want any more questions from him nor would she answer even if he asked.

“Yes, I can prove that Jiang Yao is in fact married! Her husband had sent her to our dorm on the first day of school!” Wen Xuehui stood forward and said, “Everyone in our dorm can prove that Jiang Yao is married. She has a very good relationship with her husband, they talk on the phone every day!”

Professor Chen’s face turned into an ugly shade of gloom. He didn’t expect Jiang Yao to be married, and he didn’t even expect that she would make the announcement in front of all the students and university leaders.

Zhang Xiqing knew that she had failed miserably today. Jiang Yao would certainly be the freshman representative. She would only embarrass herself even more if she continued to stay here. Hence, she glared at Jiang Yao viciously before turning and leaving.

Professor Chen followed as soon as Zhang Xiqing left, and the few people who were with her dispersed in an instant.

On the other hand, the director of the Academic Affairs Office still stood at the scene, smiling like a beaming sunflower. “Jiang Yao, we’ve decided on the freshman representative. It’s you! Congratulations! Besides, I hope you’re not bothered about Zhang Xiqing. She has been spoiled rotten by her family, she has always been the center of attention since young. When she entered university, you came out of nowhere, so she…”

Realizing that he had revealed too much information, the director gaped in surprise and covered his mouth with his hand. He shook his head, smiled at Jiang Yao, asked her to prepare for the freshman representative’s speech, and then left.

“Let’s go for lunch!” Jiang Yao rubbed her growling belly and urged. She looked at her watch, shocked that they had wasted half an hour in vain. If it wasn’t for Zhang Xiqing, she and Wen Xuehui would be having their lunch by now.

The news spread like wildfire. Before Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui had finished their lunch, everyone in the university knew that Jiang Yao had been slandered for being a kept woman and also that she was a married woman in her freshman year.

The male students were devastated when they heard the news and sighed in regret. They were a minute too late to meet their goddess. Furthermore, they gritted their teeth in frustration, not knowing as to who the man who snatched their goddess so quickly was!

At the same time, there were rumors that the man in Zhang Xiqing’s photos was Jiang Yao’s husband because she admitted that her husband had given her the phone.

Anyone who had seen the photos of the sports car knew that it was very expensive and luxurious. Therefore, the rumors about Jiang Yao’s wealthy in-laws started to circulate around the university.

More and more people were curious about Jiang Yao’s husband.

Moe was laying at Jiang Yao’s desk when she returned to the dorm. As soon as he saw her, he yelled excitedly, “You were so d*mn cool this morning! But I have to warn you, you’d better be extra careful for the next few days, Zhang Xiqing will not let the dust settle so easily. She has the full support of the Zhang family and they have ordered someone to find out the owner of the car based on its license plate in the photo.”