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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 148 - Payback

Chapter 148: Payback

Wen Xuehui threw her arms around Jiang Yao’s arm and laughed hysterically. “Haha, oh my goodness! Then, does she mean that I’m my dad’s sugar baby? I ride in his car every day!”

“There’s a saying that goes ‘the eyes are the mirror of the soul’. What she sees reflects what her mind thinks. She can’t see anything good with a filthy mind. She fails to see the beauty of this world because her soul lacks truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance.” Jiang Yao smiled sweetly and thought, ‘Zhang Xiqing, do you think it’s over? I don’t think so.’

“For example, if the person in the photo isn’t me, my first thought when I see this photo would be that perhaps the man is the girl’s brother. He gave his sister a lift to college because he loves her. Another possibility is that they are very good friends. The man came here to meet the girl and they went out for a meal or coffee.” Then, Jiang Yao stood with a light smile on her face and stopped talking.

At this point, no one in the crowd doubted Jiang Yao.

Donning an elegant smile, she never showed any panic nor anger since she was wronged. She was as calm as a millpond when she was accused. Not only did she clear her name confidently, but she had also avenged herself from those who had wronged her mercilessly!

‘Zhang Xiqing, you branded me as a harlot, so don’t think I’ll let you off the hook after I clear my name! I’ll let you taste a dose of your own medicine!’

“Alright, that’s enough! You’re all young students, all this talk about sugar daddies and sugar babies offends our university’s standards of propriety!” The director glanced at Zhang Xiqing, who was so angry her face turned green. He adored Jiang Yao even more now for her charisma and capabilities!

“Miss Jiang Yao, did you forget something? In your speeches, you never did explain where your mobile phone originated from and what your relationship with the man in the photograph is,” Professor Chen, who was watching from the side this whole time, suddenly said.

“It’s a waste that you’re not one of our students in the Department of Literature. You’ve missed all the crucial points despite the lengthy speeches you gave and I’m impressed with how you have a way with words that is able to fool everyone here, but not me. I want to know where you got your phone from. What is the true nature of your relationship with that man? Do you dare to say that the phone was not a gift to you from the man?”

Professor Chen was so forthcoming about this because he had happened to witness the man handing the mobile phone over to her yesterday. At the time, although he had speculated the nature of their relationship, he didn’t pay much attention to it because he didn’t even know who the girl was.

However, since Miss Zhang had laid everything out on the table and was at a disadvantage, he, who had been receiving a lot of help from the Zhang family, must take Miss Zhang’s side and support her.

“Oh, I didn’t know that you take interest in this kind of matters too, Professor Chen. I’m curious though—why do you want to know my relationship with the man so badly? Is it possible that you too think that the man is my sugar daddy?” Jiang Yao recognized the man as soon as he spoke.

She knew that Professor Chen was taking the Zhang family’s side as he always did. In her previous life, Zhang Xiqing had become his postgraduate student after graduation. He tried his best to help her and boost her reputation. Labeling Zhang Xiqing as the goddess of the Department of Literature was his doing.

Nonetheless, everyone who went against her would receive her fatal blow. Moreover, Professor Chen couldn’t extend his influence over the Department of Medicine.