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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 1446 - No Mercy

Chapter 1446: No Mercy

Jiang Yao thought that that law had given the old woman a chance to turn over a new leaf, but she did not know how to cherish it. She did not feel that she had done anything wrong. On the contrary, she felt that life was unfair and no one pitied her.

Since that was the case, she would let that old woman accompany her precious son.

Kidnapping and trafficking of women and children would always lead to a death sentence. “Assaulting a police officer will not get her a proper punishment. Is it enough this time?”

“It should be.” Zhou Weiqi nodded. Then, he decided to let Jiang Yao rest well. He turned around and went to Colonel Lin’s ward before rushing to the provincial police station.

The people in the police station knew Zhou Weiqi, and no one stopped him from entering the building. Zhou Weiqi called the team who were in charge of files. He checked the criminals registered in Nanjiang City and saw the person Jiang Yao mentioned. It seemed like the old woman did not escape either.

“Zhou Weiqi.” When he heard of Zhou Weiqi’s appearance, Liang Yueze went to look for him. “Didn’t I tell you to accompany Jiang Yao in the hospital?”

“Jiang Yao told me to investigate a person to see if they escaped.” Zhou Weiqi pointed at the document on the table. “That’s her.”

As the two of them talked, Zhou Weiqi’s sharp eyes saw Lu Xingzhi’s figure pass by the door. He ran out quickly and chased after him. “Third Brother! Where are you going?”

“The morgue.” Lu Xingzhi glanced at Zhou Weiqi. He did not ask why Zhou Weiqi was there. After answering him, he went to the morgue where the bodies were temporarily placed in the police station.

Liang Yueze waited until Lu Xingzhi had left before pulling Zhou Weiqi along and following him. “That should be Sergeant Ge’s wife. Let’s go and take a look. ”

Liang Yueze’s guess was right. Sergeant Ge’s wife was there with her son to claim her husband’s body. After Lu Xingzhi heard the news in the interrogation room, his mind blanked for more than ten minutes. When he snapped back to his senses, he left the interrogation room.

The mortuary was located in the corner of the police station. There was no sunlight there all year round, and it was so cool in broad daylight that it made one’s hair stand on end.

Sergeant Ge’s body was deposited in the corner of the room. Lu Xingzhi could see two people standing at the door. Their cries echoed in the small mortuary.

The child was not very young, so he must have already known what death meant. He hugged his mother’s waist and threw himself into her arms, crying until his voice was hoarse.

“Mom, do I not have a father anymore? I like this father. Why did God take my father away again? Mom, is it just us now?”

Naturally, no one could answer the child’s question, nor did they know how to answer it.

“Young Master Lu?” The police officer beside Lu Xingzhi asked in a low voice when he saw that Lu Xingzhi was standing at the door.

Then, Lu Xingzhi walked into the room. The small room smelled horrible. There were corpses that had not been claimed for a long time. Unlike winter, spring was not kind to the bodies. Eventually, they would emit a rotten smell. Those not used to it would feel nauseous when they walked into the room.

However, Lu Xingzhi’s expression did not change.

The sound from the door disturbed the mother and child, who were still crying terribly. When they saw someone had entered the room, the woman hurriedly wiped her tears and said, “Officer, I will bring him home immediately. But I don’t know how to bring him back. Can you teach me?”