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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 140 - : Kind Wife

Chapter 140

: Kind Wife

He was more pleased with her profound sensibility and consideration. She did not refrain or hinder him in terms of financial expenditure, indicating that she had utmost trust in him and that she believed in his capability and his reason.

“Okay, my kind wife, I hear you. I’ll give it to him,” Lu Xingzhi answered matter-of-factly.

Zhou Weiqi was extremely bewildered! Wow, it was a deal! Jiang Yao was very awesome! He was so excited that he hugged Chen Xuyao and laughed ecstatically. “Xuyao! Did you see that? Brother Lu’s wife cares so much about me! She pities me for not having a place to stay, so she asked Brother Lu to give me a house! Oh my gosh, she is my almighty goddess!”

Chen Xuyao found Zhou Weiqi’s excitement the most unbearable, so he quickly ran away from him, but still, he couldn’t help but be astonished and surprised. Judging from Lu Xingzhi’s several lines of dialogue, he could interpret that Jiang Yao, who was on the other end of the line, didn’t ask him about the value of the house and so on. In fact, they sounded like they were singing a well-rehearsed duet and the end result of the song was giving a house to Zhou Weiqi.

Chen Xuyao guessed that perhaps he should change his initial prejudiced perspective toward Jiang Yao, whom he had only met once.

Jiang Yao sounded casual when she gloated about her kindness, but she was a little embarrassed after Lu Xingzhi repeated it. Then, she chuckled quietly when she heard Zhou Weiqi’s delightful cheer over the phone. Perhaps this was the reality of the close-knit brotherhood Lu Xingzhi had with his buddies. She could feel their tight friendship although she wasn’t actually with them then.

Suddenly, Jiang Yao began to look forward to the National Day trip. Would he bring her into his brotherhood circle?

The anticipation of the trip and the wedding intensified within her. She couldn’t wait to meet all the people whom he cared so much about.

For a moment there, both of them didn’t speak but neither were willing to end the call. Lu Xingzhi was taciturn, it was already his limit to tease her occasionally, so when she didn’t initiate any conversation, he didn’t know what to say. However, listening to her breathing was enough to make him happy.

The girls in the dorm assumed that Jiang Yao had ended her call since she stopped talking altogether, so they surrounded her chicly and teased, “Jiang Yao, your husband called, didn’t he? What did you guys talk about? Your face is burning!”

Wen Xuehui jumped down from the upper bunk. She sat beside Jiang Yao, holding Moe in one hand and nudging Jiang Yao in the elbow with the other. “Lu Xingzhi—that’s your husband’s name, right? Nice name!”

Wen Xuehui was the only person in this dorm who had seen Jiang Yao’s husband. She recalled the time she met him. Those sharp eyes were like the terrifying glaciers in the hot summer but transformed into a hungry world when kissing Jiang Yao.

Nonetheless, Wen Xuehui admitted that at first impression, Jiang Yao’s husband was an elite man, and he and Jiang Yao made an outstanding couple. Moreover, Jiang Yao was all the man saw in his eyes.

Lu Xingzhi was caught unawares when he heard the joyful commotion of the girls over the phone. He froze for a while, a little surprised that her roommates knew him. In other words, did they know that Jiang Yao was married?

Maybe Jiang Yao had told them about it.

Upon this thought, Lu Xingzhi smirked as if someone had poured a jug of honey into his heart. Everyone around knew him despite their long-distance relationship, so did it mean that she talked about him occasionally?

“Bye!” Jiang Yao blurted out quickly and followed by the beeping sound on the phone. For the first time in his life, Lu Xingzhi kept away his phone delightedly.