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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 139 - A Fox

Chapter 139: A Fox

Jiang Yao did not know how wealthy Lu Xingzhi was, but he had once told her that he had never taken a penny from his family. His paycheck was with her and that proved that his spending had nothing to do with his salary. Therefore, it was certain that Lu Xingzhi had other sources of income and it was not a small amount either.

Zhou Weiqi was Lu Xingzhi’s great buddy. Now, Weiqi needed a house and Lu Xingzhi was willing to give him one. There was no reason for Jiang Yao to stop him from doing that as she knew little about their brotherhood. She knew that Lu Xingzhi was a down-to-earth man and he would not do anything beyond his capabilities. Everything that he did would have been well-planned by himself.


Jiang Yao snorted in her heart. This man was beating around the bush just to hear her say ‘I miss you’. He had even set everything up to trick both Weiqi and her. She deliberately did not want to do as he said!

“Weiqi, I did not know that your good buddy was a cunning fox. However, you should just tell me if you want Xingzhi’s house. Pass the phone back to him and I will ask him to give it to you. He will listen to me!” Jiang Yao was flattered. She would be the kind and generous person! Hmph, that was what he got for tricking her!

“Fox…” Weiqi quietly took a glance at the fox that was smoking at the door. Oh wait, it was Xingzhi. He then talked to Jiang Yao who was on the phone, “Jiang Yao, are you serious about that?”

“Do you trust me?” Jiang Yao asked him back full of confidence. Lu Xingzhi was planning to give him the house anyway, so he would not say no if she asked him to.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Weiqi jumped for joy. “Once you ask, not just for a house, even if you asked for his life, he would give that to you! Who are you to him? You’re his wife whom he loves and treasures the most!”

Zhou Weiqi had finally found a sense of security as if he was holding up a shield. If he had Jiang Yao on his side, there was no need for him to be afraid of Lu Xingzhi anymore!

“Xingzhi! Your wife wants you on the phone!” Zhou Weiqi passed the phone back to Lu Xingzhi in joy and he did not even leave after Lu Xingzhi took the phone. He then stood in front of Lu Xingzhi pridefully with his arms crossed.

Lu Xingzhi squinted at Zhou Weiqi and did not care about him. He took the phone and spoke softly, “Are you looking for me?”

“Lu Xingzhi.” Jiang Yao called his full name. “Zhou Weiqi said that he wants your house in Golden Harbor. Are you giving that to him?”

Lu Xingzhi replied with “Hmm…” and pushed aside Zhou Weiqi, who was blocking his way. He threw his cigarette butt into the trash can which was placed in the living room and looked at Zhou Weiqi, who was smiling in excitement. Lu Xingzhi slightly curved up his lips. “Well…I will give it to him if my wife agrees. If my wife does not agree, he will not get it.”

“Give! Of course you’ll need to give him! If you don’t, he’ll have to sleep on the streets. How pitiful is that!” Jiang Yao snorted. “For someone as kind as I am, I can’t stand seeing anyone getting bullied!”

Upon hearing that, how would it be possible for him not to know what Jiang Yao meant? It was obvious that she had figured out that he was trying to trick her into saying ‘I miss you’ and she got a hold of the situation after hearing what Weiqi had said. Therefore, she did not say it on purpose and came up with this strategy.

However, Lu Xingzhi was happier listening to Jiang Yao’s lively voice rather than actually hearing her say ‘I miss you’.

His little wife was putting a good show in front of him and she was helping his buddy take his belongings away from him. As his wife, she showed no pity at all.

If that had happened to another man, it would have been upsetting. However, Lu Xingzhi was very happy as there was no need to explain too much to his wife and that their minds were in sync.