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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 138 - Just Say It

Chapter 138: Just Say It

Lu Xingzhi snorted. He might have wasted all his years being a soldier if he could not even throw something precisely from that distance.

He lowered his head and lit a cigarette. Lu Xingzhi then leaned against the door casually with one hand in his pocket and taking a puff with his other hand holding the cigarette. Although his eyes were on the ground, his attention was on Zhou Weiqi.

Zhou Weiqi did not know Jiang Yao’s personality well. That was why he could not figure out the way to make Jiang Yao say the sentence he wanted her to say even after messing with her for so long.

He noticed the one smoking at the door glancing at him impatiently for the second time. Zhou Weiqi swallowed his saliva and muttered in his heart. Lu Xingzhi was so stingy. He only had a few more words with his wife but Lu Xingzhi glared at him as if he was going to steal his wife away from him.

“Jiang Yao, do you miss Xingzhi?” Zhou Weiqi did some thinking and he decided to ask her openly. “Just say that you’ve missed him, he’s not around and I won’t tell him if you say it.”

“Don’t you want your car anymore?” Jiang Yao could not hold it back anymore and laughed. “Are you really planning to give me your car?”

“Huh?” Zhou Weiqi did not expect Jiang Yao to mention the car all of a sudden. After thinking for a while, he assumed that Lu Xingzhi had told her about the bet when he was talking to her on the phone. Therefore, Zhou Weiqi did not try to hide it anymore but he still had something up his sleeve.

Zhou Weiqi’s plan was to play the victim and tell her that he was having a hard time staying with the Zhou family. He described himself as a poor thing whose parents did not even care about him. He had wanted to move out but his evil stepmother would certainly hold onto his money and never allow his father to buy a house for him to live alone. Only then did he tell her the reason why he wanted Lu Xingzhi’s house at Golden Harbor to live in.

After hearing what Zhou Weiqi had to say, Chen Xuyao thought that Weiqi was dumb. His head had perhaps been slammed by the door panel earlier or he had hurt his head when he fell on the floor just now.

Both of them did not interact with Jiang Yao much and they had no idea about her personality.

Although a house in the Golden Harbor might not seem to be a big problem for Lu Xingzhi, a house in Golden Harbor, Jindo City, could cost up to six digits. Many people could not afford a house there in their entire lifetime.

Even if Jiang Yao had no idea about the property market at Jindo City because she lived in the south, any woman who could do math would not allow their husband to give away a house that easily.

Therefore, after Xuyao heard what Weiqi had said, he believed that Weiqi would not get any help from Jiang Yao. Luckily, Xingzhi was initially planning to give the house to Weiqi.

However, he was worried about what would happen after Xingzhi gave him the house. Would Jiang Yao quarrel with him after she was told about that?

Zhou Weiqi did not know what was going through Xuyao’s mind. After he was done playing the victim, he said, “Xingzhi said that he’d give me his house if you say you missed him!”

Upon hearing that, Xuyao ashed his cigarette and rolled his eyes at Weiqi beside him, whom he thought was a dummy.

Jiang Yao, who was on the other end of the line, was stunned because it was the direct opposite of what Lu Xingzhi had told her just now.

Lu Xingzhi told her that if she said she missed him, Weiqi’s new car would belong to her but Weiqi was saying that if she said that, Lu Xingzhi’s house would belong to him.

Jiang Yao contemplated about what Weiqi just said and connected it with the current situation. She came out with an answer in her heart. There was a higher possibility that what Weiqi said was true, and as for Lu Xingzhi…

Jiang Yao believed that he only wanted to hear her say that she missed him on purpose. He did not even want Weiqi’s car and he was planning to give Weiqi the house from the start. The house would belong to Weiqi regardless of whether she said the sentence that he wanted to hear.