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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 134 - There Were Insights

Chapter 134: There Were Insights

The smile on Chancellor Wen’s face had never faded. The more he looked at Jiang Yao, the more he liked her.

“Jiang Yao’s right. She only did what she was able to do, there is no need for Manager Sun to give her such a valuable gift.” He had voiced out to help Jiang Yao decline the gift politely. Then, he turned around and looked towards He Maoming who was taking photos. He asked, “Aren’t you going to interview Jiang Yao, Mr. He?”

He Maoming kept his camera and nodded. Then, he took out his pen and notes again. First, he asked Jiang Yao some simple and ordinary questions such as those regarding her studies and where she got her qualifications to enter the Nanjiang Medical University. In the end, just as Jiang Yao had expected, he asked her the question that worried her the most.

“Although you are currently a student of the medical school, this year is only your first year of studies and you have not been exposed to any professional knowledge. However, from what I have been told, the doctor has praised you for your professional first aid skills, Miss Jiang. May I know where you learned these first aid skills from?”

“During my senior year in high school, my school wanted to help the students relieve their stress and motivate them to strive for their future. Therefore, my school had once organised study trips to places like hospitals, police stations, and fire stations for the students during our senior year. I learned my first aid skills then, and it piqued my interest to be a doctor. Since then, my goals were clear and I knew I wanted to pursue my studies at a medical school after my graduation examination. Also, I had engraved all the first aid skills that I learned back then in my head all the time.” Jiang Yao smiled when she said that.

“Actually, I was very nervous that day. I was sweating profusely, not only due to tiredness but mostly out of nerves. Although I had learned the first aid skills from the doctors, I had never encountered anything like that before and I had never practised these skills on a real person. Fortunately, the old man is fine.”

Jiang Yao put a comforting smile on her face. She was behaving exactly like an ordinary student who loved to learn. She felt awkward and shy when she was praised. Also, she was honest and told them about her anxiety at that moment, and how she smiled with relief after finding out that the old man was fine.

He Maoming was really fast at jotting down his notes. He could even record Jiang Yao’s emotion when she was talking at that moment.

That was the last question for the interview. After the interview ended, He Maoming requested to take a photo with Jiang Yao, Chancellor Wen, and Manager Sun. Chancellor Wen agreed and passed the camera to Wen Xuehui to assist with that.

Jiang Yao did not accept the manager’s gift. However, before Manager Sun left, he gave Jiang Yao a VIP card for the restaurant and promised Jiang Yao that there would be a place reserved for her and that he would give her the best offer any time she went to the restaurant.

Chancellor Wen accompanied Manager Sun and He Maoming all the way to the door of the office. Chancellor Wen only turned around and tapped on Jiang Yao’s shoulder after both of them had gone down the stairs. “You’re the pride of our school!”

“Dad! Isn’t Jiang Yao outstanding? Isn’t she going to be our freshman representative?” Wen Xuehui had been paying her attention on this topic. “When we were outside this morning, a lot of people were saying that Jiang Yao is the best representation of the freshmen!”

Chancellor Wen gave the avid Wen Xuehui a side-eye and placed one of his hands on his forehead helplessly. He then said, “I will need to discuss with the others in order to make that decision. Both of you can go back for now.”

Jiang Yao was slightly stunned when she heard what Chancellor Wen had said. She was not that desperate to be the freshman representative but judging by Chancellor Wen’s tone, it seemed like there were insights for the election of the freshman representative.