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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 133 - I Can’t Accept This

Chapter 133: I Can’t Accept This

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Speaking of the devil, Manager Sun knocked on the door and came inside as soon as He Maoming finished talking. He was even holding an exquisitely wrapped present with an unknown item inside it in his hands.

“Miss Jiang, it’s great to finally find you here!” Yesterday, Manager Sun had stayed at the hospital throughout the afternoon. He was there until the hospital was able to contact the patient’s family and they arrived at the hospital. He had even waited for the patient to come out from the operating theater and met with the patient’s family before leaving the hospital.

After he found out the patient’s identity, Manager Sun’s first reaction was to look for He Maoming. He was told by He Maoming that he had the intention to publish a news report regarding the incident at the restaurant and he agreed on the spot. He had even proposed to find the girl who had saved his customer.

He Maoming notified him immediately once he found her. Despite having other things to worry about, Manager Sun had put aside everything and rushed to the chancellor’s office at the Nanjiang Medical University immediately. Manager Sun had even changed his clothes on purpose because he wanted to look good in the photo that he would be taking with Jiang Yao later on.

Manager Sun greeted Chancellor Wen once he stepped into the office. Then, their topic revolved around Jiang Yao and he started to express his lengthy appreciation towards her.

The main message that he wanted to convey in their conversation was that he really appreciated Jiang Yao’s help. Not only did she save a life, but she even helped the restaurant.

Manager Sun had never expected that the man who fainted at the restaurant yesterday was the chairman of Hairun Group. Although the man did dress well, he did not associate him with Hairun Group at that moment.

How influential was the chairman of Hairun Group? He was one of the top shots of the entire business industry of Nanjiang City. If the chairman of Hairun Group had passed away in the restaurant due to delayed first aid, it would be a big misfortune for the restaurant. How could the eldest son of Hairun Group possibly forgive him as the manager of the restaurant?

Besides, if someone had passed away in the well-operated restaurant, especially if it were a top shot like the chairman of Hairun Group, it would be impossible for the restaurant to continue operating.

Therefore, Manager Sun’s appreciation toward Jiang Yao was truly sincere and genuine.

However, he was not certain about the stance of Hairun Group, so when Manager Sun was expressing his gratitude, he did not mention anything about Hairun Group. Even when talking about the chairman of Hairun Group, he only addressed him as the customer or the patient.

When Manager Sun was expressing his gratitude, He Maoming was jotting down everything that he said in his notes at the side attentively while observing every change of emotion on Jiang Yao’s face.

“Miss Jiang, here’s a gift for you to show my gratitude.” After he finished talking, he passed the thing in his hands to Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao reached out her hand but she did not receive the gift. She gently pushed away Manager Sun’s hand. “That’s too kind of you, Manager Sun. I had mentioned that I only did what I could. I believe that anyone who knows first aid would have lent their help if they had encountered such an incident. Also, you have already thanked me yesterday, Manager Sun, and I accepted your gift. Therefore, I have no right to receive this gift today.”

Her bill was on the house and she took the wine. She would be too greedy if she still accepted that gift in front of everyone.

Although she did not know what was in the bag, she could tell that it was not any ordinary gift. Yesterday, he was generous enough to give her a bottle of red wine which cost over five digits. As for today, Manager Sun took some time to prepare the gift and Jiang Yao was certain that its value would far exceed that of the bottle of wine that he had gifted her yesterday.