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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 131 - Met Chancellor Wen

Chapter 131: Met Chancellor Wen

Wen Xuehui and Jiang Yao were the only ones who were in the same major in their dorm. Therefore, the girls split paths and headed to their respective classrooms.

As for now, Jiang Yao was truly famous among the freshmen. Her fame even overwhelmed Zhang Xiqing, who used to be the candidate for the freshman representative and the most beautiful freshman with the greatest support.

Once they arrived at their classroom, the crowd surrounded Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui immediately. Most of them were asking about the news on the newspaper. Someone had brought a copy of the newspaper into the class and their classmates were passing it around.

“Is Jiang Yao here already?” At the doorstep, the counselor knocked on the door and asked the question suddenly. Although he had never personally met Jiang Yao before, he could easily spot the two girls at the centre of the crowd. He could recognize that one of them was the daughter of Chancellor Wen and the other was the one he was looking for.

Not only was she the center of the crowd, but her face was also easily recognizable, and that was why the counselor could confirm that she was Jiang Yao at just a glance.

“Senior Qixuan!” Wen Xuehui dragged Jiang Yao and walked towards the door. Then, she pushed Jiang Yao to the front. “This is the celebrity among all freshmen, Jiang Yao!”

“Chancellor Wen is looking for you.” Zhang Qixuan smiled at Wen Xuehui and then said to Jiang Yao. He asked, “Are you free at the moment? Chancellor Wen is waiting for you at his office,”

“I’m free…” Jiang Yao nodded her head. She could guess that the chancellor was looking for her because of the news in the newspaper.

When Wen Xuehui heard that it was from Chancellor Wen, she insisted on joining them. Zhang Qixuan certainly did not stop her. The three of them left the classroom and walked to the office together.

The medical school of Nanjiang Medical University was enormous. It took almost twenty minutes for the three of them to travel from the lecture building to the office even though they quickened their footsteps.

“Chancellor Wen, Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui are here.” The counselor knocked on the door and brought both of them inside after they got the chancellor’s permission.


“Good morning, Chancellor Wen!”

Once they stepped into the room, Wen Xuehui pounced straight forward and shouted “Dad!” while Jiang Yao stood beside the counselor and greeted Chancellor Wen. Then, the three of them realized that there was someone else in the office. They looked at the name card which was hanging on the person’s neck and found out that he was a reporter from Nanjiang Morning Post.

“Look at how old you are, behave.” As there were other people around, Chancellor Wen pretended to reprimand Wen Xuehui and asked her to stand properly when he saw his daughter acting like a spoiled child in front of him just like how she did back when she was a little girl. When he was talking, his focus always remained on Jiang Yao.

As a matter of fact, Chancellor Wen’s first impression of Jiang Yao was not bad. She was in the newspapers, and not only did she become one of the famous freshmen in the campus, but even the people in Nanjiang City were talking about her. However, when she stepped inside, she did not show any signs of being arrogant. She greeted him politely after she entered and stood beside the counselor obediently. Also, she did not look around the room casually. By that, he could tell that she was a polite kid.

“Dad, this is Jiang Yao and she sleeps at my lower bunk. Isn’t she prettier than she looked in the newspaper?” Wen Xuehui did not feel displeased after being reprimanded. However, she understood her father’s intention. She let go of her hands which were wrapped around her father’s arms and returned to Jiang Yao’s side. “I heard that there is a most beautiful freshman award among the freshmen. In my opinion, Jiang Yao looks a few times better than…whoever she is.”

Chancellor Wen knew that Wen Xuehui was referring to Zhang Xiqing. Both Wen Xuehui and Zhang Xiqing had never sat down and talked peacefully with each other ever since they first met, and perhaps they were born to hate each other. That was why Wen Xuehui had never concealed her displeasure towards Zhang Xiqing while with her family.