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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 127 - Your Favorability Value Has Increased

Chapter 127: Your Favorability Value Has Increased

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“I saw the poll. The last candidate, Zhang Xiqing, is ranked first,” Chen Siyang said, “I heard the boys saying that she is very pretty and plays piano perfectly. Well, she seems like a powerful opponent.”

“Yeah, she’s excellent indeed. A pretty girl who plays the piano well.” Jiang Yao nodded, but deep inside, she muttered, ‘Yeah right, a good-looking sociopath who plays piano, or rather, a sociopath with extreme jealousy who doesn’t allow anyone else to be better than her and will ruin anyone who is in her way.’

However, her roommates could not hear her inner thoughts. They kept quiet after Jiang Yao’s simple remark.

After a while of silence, “Then, I bet that she’ll probably be the freshman representative. She’s also most likely to be the most beautiful freshman,” Zhou Xiaoxia heaved a sigh. “Actually, our Jiang Yao is not bad either. She is very smart and adorable. Honestly, if I were a man, I would like a girl with Jiang Yao’s looks, the typical graceful and gentle town girl look that can captivate people’s attention at a glance. People will be drawn to your adorableness, but instead of inducing jealousy and profanity, your innocent looks will arouse the desire to cherish and protect you.”

The other three girls nodded vigorously at Zhou Xiaoxia’s remarks that led to Jiang Yao’s astonishment.

After the chat, the girls started looking for Moe in the dorm. They had brought some dried fish to feed him but he was nowhere to be seen.

Jiang Yao hadn’t seen Moe since she came back. She wasn’t worried about him though, as Moe was a super-intelligent pet butler and it was unlikely that he would get caught. He had probably gone out to play since the dorm was vacant earlier.

Wen Xuehui didn’t return until after dinner. She brought back a lot of snacks and the sweet smile on her face had never subsided as if she was showered in a warm spring breeze.

Jiang Yao refrained herself from asking Wen Xuehui where she had gone with Li Ronghui. When she spotted a movie ticket that Wen Xuehui had accidentally dropped, she assumed that they had gone to the movies.

No one else in the dorm except Jiang Yao knew that Wen Xuehui had gone out with someone else in the afternoon. They assumed that she brought the snacks for herself.

For the rest of the night, the topics among the girls revolved around the freshman representative and the most attractive freshman poll. Wen Xuehui was not as excited about these topics as well as she mostly listened and hardly added in her comments. Apparently, she knew some insider news but didn’t say it out loud.

Although they were talking about meaningless topics, these girls, who had only gotten to know each other on this very day, chatted until the lights were switched off at 11.30 pm.

Everyone was still a bit discreet and cautious. After the lights were turned off, everyone returned to their own beds and kept their voices down as much as possible for fear that they might irritate the other roommates.

Lying in the lower bunk and closing her eyes, Jiang Yao was about to close her eyes when suddenly, Moe’s voice resonated into her ear.

“Your Favorability Value has increased!”

Jiang Yao recoiled in shock as she took in a deep breath. She turned her head and saw Moe, who had appeared on her bed out of nowhere. He was still talking about the system’s Favorability Value with a large smile on his face.

“I feel it! Your Favorability Value has increased in just one afternoon! How? What did you do?” Moe was certainly excited about it. It meant that Jiang Yao had actually accepted the Medical System and made some effort to improve herself.

Jiang Yao picked Moe up and placed him on the floor as she growled in a deep voice, “Don’t climb onto my bed! I’ll get you a bed tomorrow!”

Only then did she use her consciousness to activate the system. Indeed, her Favorability Value had gone up several scales. It must have come from the good impressions of the diners in the restaurant after what she had done there.

Well, good things happen when you least expected them.