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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 126 - Freshman Representative

Chapter 126: Freshman Representative

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

If Jiang Yao did end up dating another guy and Lu Xingzhi broke them up forcefully, Jiang Yao would definitely have hated him to her core. So, in order to be with her eternally, the only way was to marry her.

They stopped pestering Jiang Yao after they learned that the phone was a gift from her husband. Although it was normal for a husband to give a present to his wife, they speculated that her husband was from a wealthy family, and that he wasn’t the frugal type of husband and was willing to shower her with expensive gifts. Their first impression of Jiang Yao also suggested that she was from a well-to-do family.

The girls were very curious about Jiang Yao’s husband, but it was something quite awkward to ask about since they had only known each other for one day.

Lin Qiaoyu quickly changed the subject, “Oh yes, Jiang Yao, the official opening ceremony for freshmen will be in two days’ time. I heard that the university intends to select a freshman as a representative to give a speech at the ceremony. There are three candidates currently, and two of them are in this very room!” She winked at Jiang Yao and said in a mischievous tone, “Guess who they are?”

Jiang Yao already knew that it was Wen Xuehui and her.

She had ranked second in the science stream of the provincial college entrance exam. She could’ve gotten into the top university in the country, but she chose Nanjiang Medical University. So, she supposed that she had been selected as one of the candidates due to being the top scorer in the department.

Wen Xuehui had achieved very good grades in the exam too, and moreover, she was the university president’s daughter. It was justifiable for her to be a candidate due to her good grades and the unmentioned nepotism.

However, from her experience in her previous life, she knew that another candidate, who would eventually be appointed as the freshman representative, was Zhang Xiqing. She was a piano prodigy who had been accepted into the Department of Literature. At the tender age of eighteen, she had obtained a lot of awards from various competitions, both domestic and international.

The reason why Jiang Yao knew Zhang Xiqing so well was because of the scumbag Li Ronghui. She only had one adjective to describe her: she’s sick, very sick! Before rebirth, Li Ronghui had dumped Wen Xuehui to be with Zhang Xiqing, and this explained Jiang Yao’s hatred towards her.

Therefore, Jiang Yao felt blunt and emotionless about being one of the representative candidates. It would most likely be similar to her previous life if there were no big changes. However, she felt disgusted and agitated when she thought about Zhang Xiqing.

“Our dorm is outnumbered two to one! If you or Wen Xuehui are selected as the representative, we will be famous!” Zhou Xiaoxia cheered delightfully. “We’re so lucky to have two candidates in this dorm!”

“The other candidate is a powerful opponent too,” Jiang Yao uttered, embarrassed to knock the truth on top of Zhou Xiaoxia’s ecstatic emotions.

Lin Qiaoyu found Jiang Yao’s inexpressive and emotionless face strange. Others would usually be very excited when they heard such news, but Jiang Yao seemed reluctant and pessimistic. She wondered why Jiang Yao was behaving so unusually. It would be a glorious thing to give a speech as a freshman representative. It could be added to her resume and would likely help her secure better job opportunities.

“Speaking of which, the guys are such jerks. They’ve privately made a poll of the most attractive freshman among the candidates!” Li Yi rolled her eyes in irritation but looked chicly at Jiang Yao and said, “You are ranked very high on the poll, from what I’ve heard.”