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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 125 - So Soon

Chapter 125: So Soon

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Okay,” Jiang Yao replied without any hesitation.

If the groom was Lu Xingzhi’s big brother, then he was also her big brother. It was normal for her to address someone the same way Lu Xingzhi did, just like how Zhou Weiqi had addressed her by her name despite his irritation.

Nonetheless, Jiang Yao was a little helpless and dejected. There was still a long way to go between her and Lu Xingzhi to trust each other wholeheartedly. She hoped that the day would come when they didn’t have to tread carefully on thin ice over such trivial matters.

They chatted for a while, although she didn’t tell him about the incident in the restaurant. For her, it was a small matter, while Lu Xingzhi had learned about it from Zhou Weiqi, so he didn’t pursue it further.

After a while, Jiang Yao’s roommates were back. She ended the call and greeted her roommates.

Holding popsicles in their hands, the girls froze when they saw Jiang Yao in the dorm. They looked down at the popsicles, feeling stunned and awkward.

“Sorry, we didn’t know that you were back, so we didn’t get you one,” Chen Siyang explained frantically.

Jiang Yao smiled instead. She was not a three-year-old anyway, she wouldn’t hold grudges over such petty things.

Zhou Xiaoxia possessed a boyish personality. She was kind-hearted but a little clumsy and casual. When she entered the room and saw the phone in Jiang Yao’s hand, she was startled as she recalled the man who had sent Jiang Yao the phone earlier. A mobile phone was still an exclusive item at the time that even her parents were reluctant to buy one. Thus, she asked curiously, “Jiang Yao, who is the man who gave you the phone today?”

Jiang Yao thought about how to describe her relationship with Zhou Weiqi, so she decided to tell them in a straightforward manner, “He is my husband’s good friend. He sent the phone to me on behalf of my husband.”

If Zhou Weiqi had heard such remarks, he would be crying in the corner, dispirited. He was the one who had given the phones to Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao.

However, Jiang Yao didn’t know about the backstory of this matter, so she didn’t know that it was Lu Xingzhi who had robbed the phones from Zhou Weiqi.

“Hu…hus…” The four girls bore the same shocked expression as if they had heard something extraordinary.

“You’re married?” Li Yi yelped in surprise.

“Be quiet.” Lin Qiaoyu covered Li Yi’s mouth, but she widened her eyes in surprise too.

“I got married when I was eighteen,” Jiang Yao answered honestly, considering that there was nothing to hide from her roommates, and that she couldn’t hide it forever anyway.

“You are…” Still astonished, Zhou Xiaoxia scratched her head and could only muster two words, “So soon…”

Jiang Yao smiled in amusement. She wasn’t the one who wanted to rush it, but instead, it was Lu Xingzhi. He couldn’t wait to marry her even though she was only eighteen, as if she might marry someone else if he were to postpone it by a year or two.

Jiang Yao felt the sweetness oozing in her heart when she thought of it. Lu Xingzhi cared about her more than she had imagined. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have married her at such a tender age.

Jiang Yao was right.

Ever since Lu Xingzhi had known Jiang Yao and fallen in love with her, he had always worried about losing her if he didn’t tighten his grip on her. After all, he was at the base all year round and he wasn’t able to stay with her every day to get to know her better. Moreover, she didn’t even know him yet. Besides, she was very popular in high school and a lot of male students had a crush on her. Lu Xingzhi was genuinely scared that Jiang Yao would date another guy after she graduated from high school.