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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 122 - The Proficient Manager

Chapter 122: The Proficient Manager

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The manager is such a responsible and considerate person for following the customer who hasn’t even spent any money in the restaurant to the hospital. No wonder it is so crowded and lively here. If it were up to me, I would love to frequently patronize a restaurant that has a manager like him!” Zhou Weiqi exclaimed as he looked around the restaurant delightedly.

“Then, did you notice what the patient, or rather, the customer, was wearing and its price range?” Jiang Yao asked with a chic smile.

Zhou Weiqi stunned for a moment. “Um, I didn’t pay attention to that…”

Then, a sudden recollection struck him. “Oh! I think he was wearing a formal suit. I bet the people who afford to dine here are not ordinary people.”

Jiang Yao curled her lips knowingly. When she unbuttoned the man’s shirt, she could feel the exclusively silky material of the suit. She also saw a row of English words in tiny font on the buttons and it looked like the designer’s name was engraved on it. She guessed that the man was probably wearing a bespoke suit by a famous tailor.

Although the manager didn’t know the man, he believed that he was an esteemed person. The manager would be held accountable for such an honorable man succumbing to an unfortunate medical emergency in the restaurant, and thus, he anxiously followed the man to the hospital and took care of the matter. Rather than looking after the customer, he was more likely there to protect the customer’s identity.

However, Jiang Yao had to admit that the manager was very observant and nimble in handling the matter in such an effective and wise way. Although he was not the owner of this restaurant, he had given them very expensive wine and waived their bill as an expression of gratitude. In addition, he had even asked her to leave her contact information so that he could thank her personally. Such generous acts were displayed in the eyes of so many customers, including Zhou Weiqi. Undoubtedly, it had left an excellent experience for the diners.

The manager had adapted the marvelous skill of transforming crisis into good fortune.

A light bulb went on in Zhou Weiqi’s head with Jiang Yao’s tactful remark. He whispered mischievously to Jiang Yao as to how a sly and cunning businessman the manager was, and then, he couldn’t resist looking at Jiang Yao and thought about how quick-witted and agile she was despite how soft and weak she looked from the outside. She could see through all the hidden agenda in such an urgent situation that even he couldn’t. She knew everything but kept it to herself.

Her perseverance was so admirable when she had gone all out to save the customer. Zhou Weiqi figured that it was justifiable for his Brother Lu to love such a woman so dearly. After getting to know her better, she had very mesmerizing and attractive characteristics that had nothing to do with her beautiful exterior appearance indeed. The temperament came from within her that was invisible to the public’s eyes but it would be very captivating when she showed it.

“No wonder Brother Lu loves you so much,” Zhou Weiqi chuckled suddenly. “And also, no wonder he wants you and only you. He always falls out with us if we badmouth you.”

“He…” Jiang Yao felt a sense of sweetness brewing inside her. “He always defends me before you guys?”

“Of course!” Zhou Weiqi slapped the table lightly and cried. “Honestly, I didn’t like you. Xuyao and I had always criticized you too, but we never dared to say it out loud in front of Xingzhi because he would jump on us and beat the cr*p out of us! He has never allowed us to defame you in any way.”

Zhou Weiqi continued to blurt everything out, already regarding Jiang Yao as his own buddy. “When you and Xingzhi got married, we could see that you were not very much into him. When he returned to the base after his marriage leave, he didn’t look right either. You never picked up his calls nor replied his letters, and we were quite outraged and distressed whenever we saw him getting upset over you.”