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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 121 - Praise

Chapter 121: Praise

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As a doctor, physical fitness and great stamina were paramount in order to sustain long hours of duty and surgeries that required in-depth concentration.

Jiang Yao was reborn to the time when she was physically weak. In her previous life, she had started to exercise rigorously during college. She wouldn’t have looked so exhausted and worn out if she had encountered this situation back then.

After listening to Jiang Yao’s stats about the man who had fainted, the doctor couldn’t help but glance at her again, impressed. Then, he nodded and urged the paramedics to carry the patient to the ambulance.

All the people in the restaurant were equally shocked and mesmerized at the same time. They understood the situation when she said that the man’s pulse was back but weak. Not only did it mean that he was alive, but it also meant that he had no pulse for a while and was revived after she had performed the CPR on him. They looked at her differently now, some in awe, some with admiration. They had persuaded her to give up, but she insisted.

Zhou Weiqi recovered from his surprise. When he saw Jiang Yao trembling and unable to stand steadily, he dashed forward to support her. “Come, let me help you back to your seat.”

“Miss, you are awesome!” An old lady praised Jiang Yao followed by applause. “You saved the man’s life!”

The praise and applause seemed to be contagious as loud cheers and applause resonated across the restaurant.

At this moment, Jiang Yao became a superstar who shone bright, captivating. When everyone had prompted her to give up, she persevered because the man needed help. She clenched her teeth and persisted although her physical strength was diminishing until the doctor had come to take over.

Zhou Weiqi, who helped Jiang Yao back to her seat, stumbled into a kind of illusion as he watched the people giving way and applauding. In his opinion, the applause for Jiang Yao was also for him because he had brought her here!

When they returned to their table, Zhou Weiqi shrieked excitedly, “Jiang Yao, you’re so awesome! You are my idol! I’ve never received such great applause before!”

All the thoughts about his regret and his concern over Brother Lu were thrown out the window. He immersed himself in the light of adoration and ovation thanks to his sister-in-law, Jiang Yao.

As soon as they sat down, a waiter came over and said, “Because the man was here alone, our manager has gone with the ambulance to check on the situation. Before he left, he told us to show our appreciation to you. Your meal today is on the house, and this bottle of wine is our token of gratitude to you. Hope you enjoy it.”

The waiter placed a bottle of red wine with exquisite packaging in front of Jiang Yao before he spoke again, “The manager was wondering if you could leave your contact information, please. He wishes to see you after he returns to thank you personally.”

Zhou Weiqi gaped in bewilderment once he glanced at the wine and grinned. “Your manager is too kind and generous!”

“It is our pleasure to serve you.” The waiter left a pen and piece of paper, then retreated with a polite smile.

“Jiang Yao, this wine is very expensive, it’s worth at least five figures!” Zhou Weiqi pointed to the wine and continued, “I guess that the manager has pretty prominent authority in this restaurant, and also this.” He gave a thumbs up gesture.