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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 118 - The Unmentioned Wedding

Chapter 118: The Unmentioned Wedding

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Jiang Yao squinted at Wen Xuehui’s back desolately as she happily ran towards Li Ronghui while turning back and waving goodbye to her.

She sighed dejectedly as she watched them hop on the bus, so she turned to Zhou Weiqi and said, “Let’s go.” Then she got into the car with him.

Jiang Yao didn’t know where was Zhou Weiqi was heading, but she didn’t ask either due to her trust in Lu Xingzhi.

Zhou Weiqi was a very talkative person. He didn’t stop talking along the way.

“Jiang Yao, do you mind if I invite two friends to join us later? Don’t worry, they are my buddies, they can be trusted and we go way back. I was simply thinking that I’m only here for a couple of days but you’ll be here for several years, so I want to introduce my local friends to you. My friends and their families are the leaders of Nanjiang Municipal Bureau, they can look after you when I’m away.”

Before this meeting, Zhou Weiqi had a bad impression of Jiang Yao. However, after the short phone call the other day, and seeing how cheerful Brother Lu had become, his impression of her had improved a lot.

“One of them is the deputy mayor’s second son, another is the son of the director of the Ministry of Education. Their social networks in Nanjiang City are wider than mine, so you can look for them when you need help.”

Although Jiang Yao didn’t say anything, Zhou Weiqi could sense her reluctance. He nodded knowingly after further thought. She would be the only girl later, so it might be very awkward for her. Moreover, he could just inform his friends later, there was no need for them to meet in person. So, he dismissed the idea.

Jiang Yao murmured a silent ‘hmm’ to Zhou Weiqi’s lengthy remarks, then asked casually, “Did you come here on purpose to hand me the phone, or were you just dropping by?”

“I’m on a business trip, so I might as well pass the phone to you. I’ve only met you once at your wedding, I had no impression of you at all afterward. Honestly, who did your makeup on your wedding day? It’s so hideous! You look so much better without makeup, refreshing and pretty!”

Zhou Weiqi was so bold. He must be the only person in the world to comment that the bride was ugly on her wedding day.

Thankfully, Jiang Yao did not take his blunt comments to heart. Instead, she laughed out loud when Zhou Weiqi said that she looked pretty without makeup.

“Oh yes, Brother Lu said that you’ll be attending our big brother’s wedding. Is it true?” Suddenly, Zhou Weiqi changed the subject and asked happily. “Our big brother and Xingzhi share very similar personalities. Let me tell you, Xingzhi smiled as wide as he could muster on your wedding day, so when the day comes, you should take a good look at how Big Brother smiles!”

Zhou Weiqi was getting more and more ecstatic as he was talking, but he didn’t realize the confused frown on Jiang Yao’s face. He was revealing too much information that he would face a harsh consequence from Lu Xingzhi when he went back to Jindo.

He wouldn’t have imagined that the National Day holiday was only in a month’s time but Lu Xingzhi still hadn’t told Jiang Yao about the wedding.

The restaurant Zhou Weiqi selected was a restaurant in the newly-opened commercial center of Nanjiang City. After they were seated, Zhou Weiqi handed the menu to Jiang Yao. When he learned that Jiang Yao had never been there before and didn’t know what to order, he took the menu back politely, asked for her preference, and ordered their dishes distinctively.

As Jiang Yao watched his smooth and clear-cut actions, she figured that he must be very popular with the ladies because of his articulate details in the way he treated women. He was very attentive and thoughtful without making the other party awkward.