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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 116 - Zhou Weiqi Was Here

Chapter 116: Zhou Weiqi Was Here

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Jiang Yao walked towards the man who was talking to the students while observing him. Simply from the way he began the conversation, such as how he had addressed the students as ladies, Jiang Yao knew that this young man was not a student but someone who had been working for quite some time.

“I am,” Jiang Yao said.

Jiang Yao didn’t know who the man was. She was astonished that he came to the college to look for her although she was new here. However, from his physical appearance, Jiang Yao found his clothes were not wrinkled, and there were not even obvious sweat stains on it. She concluded that he must have come to the college town by car or taxi.

The man was Zhou Weiqi. He was bewildered at such a coincidence. It was purely amazing how Jiang Yao was among the random group of girls he had approached to ask for the directions.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqi had to glance at Jiang Yao several times before he recognized her. Indeed, he met Jiang Yao at her wedding, but she had worn overwhelmingly ridiculous bridal makeup on her face at the time. From the looks of it now, he could see the similarities of her face.

“Jiang Yao! Hey! I bet you don’t recognize me, do you? I’m Zhou Weiqi!” Zhou Weiqi said excitedly with a large smile. “I’m here to give you something under Brother Lu’s order!”

Truth be told, Jiang Yao really didn’t recognize the man in front of her, but the way he mentioned ‘Brother Lu’ reminded her of Lu Xingzhi’s buddies in Jindo. She remembered Mrs. Lu telling her about a man called Zhou Weiqi.

Even though Jiang Yao didn’t recognize him on the spot, Zhou Weiqi was over the moon when he finally found her. “Jiang Yao, Brother Lu asked me to send a phone to you. Remember to call him once you get back to your dorm. I’ve already registered the SIM card and everything else for it, you can use it right away.”

Without further ado, Zhou Weiqi stuffed the bag into Jiang Yao’s hands and asked, “Jiang Yao, you’re not busy right now, are you? Let’s go for lunch then.”

Soon after, he gaped and said after realizing the girls with Jiang Yao, “Oh, you’re with your friends!”

“No~ No thanks~” The shy and timid Chen Siyang quickly waved her hands and refused.

After that, Li Yi and Lin Qiaoyu also shook their heads, then turned to look at Zhou Xiaoxia and Wen Xuehui.

“Oh no~ Don’t be afraid, I won’t eat you!” Zhou Weiqi whined and turned to Jiang Yao with a sorrowful expression. “Jiang Yao, please tell your friends I’m not a scary man~”

“Alright, I’ll tag along with you guys. Xiaoxia, how about you?” Wen Xuehui looked at Zhou Xiaoxia and asked.

Zhou Xiaoxia tilted her head to think and then said, “Count me out, there’s something I need to settle in the dorm.”

She did not know who the man was, but judging from his slick and flamboyant apperance, he might not be a good person.

After the girls left, Zhou Weiqi sighed dejectedly and pouted, “Jiang Yao, your friends think I’m a bad guy!”

Standing quietly beside them, Wen Xuehui checked out the man secretly and murmured to herself, “Who told you to dress like that?”

She wasn’t sure how much hair spray and wax the man had used to style his hair into such a greasy and sleek style. Moreover, if she wasn’t mistaken, she could smell cologne radiating from his body that was quite pleasant and fragrant. She bet it wasn’t some cheap and overpowering cologne.

To be frank, Zhou Weiqi did not intentionally travel to Nanjiang City to send Jiang Yao the mobile phone. He was here for a business trip, but since he still owed Lu Xingzhi a phone, he thought that he might as well send it to Jiang Yao in person.