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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Excuses

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Jiang Yao, what’s going on?” Mrs. Lu didn’t find any fault in her daughter’s rude clamor. Right now, she was most concerned about the letter of admission. “Didn’t you promise you’d apply for Jindo Medical University?”

Sitting on the sofa, Jiang Yao was in a trance and stared blankly at the floor.

It was only when Lu Yuqing threw the letter to her face that she remembered what happened on this day.

In her past life, a series of events happened on this day. Lu Xingzhi had returned home from the base and Lu Yuqing brought her letter of admission. Because of the letter, she went to the south as she wished. However, this decision widened the gap between her and the Lu family, as well as caused her to be at odds with her own family, the Jiang family.

Although the letter was just a flimsy piece of paper, it still hurt when it scratched her face.

Back in those days, she always felt that Lu Yuqing was too overbearing and nosy, and that she always stuck her nose into her and Lu Xingzhi’s affairs. However, now when she put herself in Lu Yuqing’s shoes, she could finally understand Lu Yuqing’s concern and distress toward her brother.

Since Jiang Yao remained quiet, the atmosphere became a little too depressing. After a while, Lu Xingzhi broke the awkward silence and said, “Mom, the application is just a procedure. Where Jiang Yao will go is up to the selection process, which is beyond her control. Perhaps she would be rejected by Jindo Medical University but accepted by Nanjiang instead! Although one is in the north and the other in the south, they are both Ivy League schools! Being admitted to Nanjiang Medical University would also show that Jiang Yao is excellent!”

Anyhow, it was just an excuse that even Lu Xingzhi couldn’t believe what he was saying. The whole family knew how excellent Jiang Yao’s performance was.

“Damn it!” Lu Yuqing shouted, “Jiang Yao, what kind of drug did you use on my brother? Lu Xingzhi, you are hallucinating! You are still trying to find excuses for her! When I got her letter of admission, I called up her school and asked. The director in charge said that Jiang Yao only filled in one school in her application form, and guess what? It’s Nanjiang! She had the nerve to leave the other columns empty no matter how much her teacher had tried to persuade her. If Nanjiang doesn’t accept her, she’d rather not further her studies!”

Lu Xingzhi was silent for a moment. His gaze instinctively shifted to Jiang Yao, who had not spoken a single word. The lingering affection that emerged after she said she missed him had suddenly faded a little.

Disappointment, loss, and frustration kicked in, shattering Lu Xingzhi’s heart into tiny pieces. Despite the heartache, he could not condemn her nor bear to blame her.

“It is Jiang Yao’s decision as to which university she wants to go. Since she has chosen Nanjiang, it means that the outstanding and distinguished advantages of Nanjiang has attract her to go there. For her, she yearns to attend Nanjiang more than Jindo.”

After saying this, Lu Xingzhi picked up the glass on the table and gulped a mouthful of water.

When Mr. Lu saw this, he understood what his son meant and began, “That’s enough. Nanjiang Medical University is also a key university in the south. Some people are unable to get accepted even if they trade their souls for an admission.”

Mr. Lu turned to his wife and said, “Imagine having a college student as your daughter-in-law. You can brag about it everywhere you go. Now, imagine having a doctor as your daughter-in-law after Jiang Yao graduates. Being a doctor is an iron rice bowl—lifetime employment, how great is that. Since Jiang Yao wants to go to Nanjiang and she is admitted, let her attend the school.”

Lu Xingzhi continued after his father with a stern and determined tone, “Yes, Dad is right. Besides, Nanjiang is closer to our home and Jiang Yao has adapted more to the lifestyle of the south. If she goes to the north, I’ll always worry about her in case she’s unable to get used to the place. It’s for the best, we don’t have to worry nor be concerned.”