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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 109 - You Can’t Be Too Careful

Chapter 109: You Can’t Be Too Careful

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“As soon as he or she dies, get ready to be mentally disabled or slump into a coma because one, you were the one to kill the person and two, it will automatically trigger the destruction program.”

Jiang Yao was so agitated she wanted to jump on Moe and choke him. Moe hopped swiftly to the upper bunk and said, “Hey, hey, hey! Human! Wait a minute, I haven’t finished yet, relax!”

“Okay, go ahead, I can listen as I strangle you, it! Doesn’t! Bother! Me! At all!” Jiang Yao gritted her teeth as she lunged at him. “Look at how fast you run! I assume killing you will not trigger the destruction program.”

“My goodness, your earth is always promoting sustaining a harmonious society, isn’t it? It’s no nice to be so cranky!” Moe ejected his claws and waved them around. “Why are humans so cruel nowadays? They get angry when they learn that they can’t kill. Human, this is bad behavior.”

“I beg your pardon, who wants to be a murderer? Who knows what will happen next? What can I do when a robber comes at me? I can’t even fight back, can I?” Jiang Yao stomped her feet indignantly. “You can’t be too careful!”

“That’s why you need a self-defense ability so that you can avoid being trapped when you are in danger.” Moe hopped back to Jiang Yao’s side. “Furthermore, you’re a girl. Even if you have enemies in the future, why do you have to resort to killing them? There are plenty of methods to push your enemies into a living hell if you want to get your revenge. Let me reveal some secrets to you—there are a lot of ‘recipes’ in the pharmaceutical collection for your reference! Another way is to hire a bodyguard to protect you. When you become a top dog, you don’t have to do everything on your own, am I right?”

Jiang Yao jolted in placidity at Moe’s remarks. He was right, she didn’t have to resort to physically violent and brutal ways to get back at someone. There were many combinations of drugs that she could use in the pharmaceutical collection.

Besides, she seemed to comprehend some extra information from Moe’s remarks.

“Moe, since the Medical System is so powerful, if I really become a top dog in the field of medicine, I will stumble upon a different fate in the future, won’t I? What if an unscrupulous villain threatens me at gunpoint to treat him? What do you say? Do I treat him or not? If it pursues to the point where it’s either he or I die, I’m done for, am I not?”

Jiang Yao scooped Moe up and put him in front of her. She plastered a smile on a face, a rather intimidating one.

“If I’m not mistaken, your description earlier means that it’s irrelevant to me as long as I don’t do it with my own hands. So, if I order someone else to execute the villain, will it trigger the destruction program?”

Moe stared silently at Jiang Yao with his large bell-like eyes. Jiang Yao smirked and let him go.

After rebirth, Jiang Yao had no other aggressive ambitions other than to live happily ever after with Lu Xingzhi. Frankly speaking, her only ambition was to change the destiny of the people she cared about and hope that they could live well too.

The Medical System seemed redundant to Jiang Yao for the time being. Based on her academics and working experience for more than a decade before rebirth, she could be an excellent doctor if she was willing to work hard with the previously obtained knowledge.

However, her lack of greed and desire didn’t indicate that she would ignore the invisible bomb that was embedded in her body right now. She could at least rest assured now that she learned the system wouldn’t mess with her entirely.

Looking at Moe who had appeared out of nowhere, Jiang Yao speculated that he had been following her from the moment he knew she could understand him, and he finally got the opportunity to appear before her today.

Nonetheless, it would be a piece of cake for her to be a good doctor thanks to her years of experience in her previous life and also as an excellent medical student.