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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 103 - Best Friends for Two Lifetimes

Chapter 103: Best Friends for Two Lifetimes

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Deep in his heart, Lu Xingzhi mocked himself. When did he ever treat a person or a matter so cautiously in his life? Out of the million things in the world, Jiang Yao’s existence proved to him that sometimes, not all wishes could come true that easily.


Right at this awkward moment, someone pushed the door open and a high-pitched scream echoed abruptly.

Jiang Yao involuntarily pushed Lu Xingzhi off of her and turned her back against him. Did he cast a spell on her? How could she be so absent-minded and kiss him in the dorm? How did she forget that this was a dorm, and that her dormmates would come at any moment?

“Erm, do you guys need some privacy? I can come back later.” The person at the door stumbled back a few steps in shock when she bumped into Lu Xingzhi’s sullen face.

Jiang Yao recognized the voice in an instant! It was Wen Xuehui!

“No!” Jiang Yao quickly composed herself and looked towards the door. “Please, come in. It’s getting late, you have to unpack your luggage too.”

Jiang Yao looked back at Lu Xingzhi and his gloomy and sulky face immediately fell into her gaze, knowing that he might be upset that someone had interrupted their kiss. Anyway, Jiang Yao didn’t think it was strange for Wen Xuehui to excuse herself as the agitated Lu Xingzhi didn’t look friendly at all.

“I’m leaving, bye.” Lu Xingzhi had to leave even if he didn’t want to now that there was another person in the dorm.

After stealing a second glimpse at Jiang Yao, Lu Xingzhi took his bag and head off. He was serious about not letting her see him off, as he didn’t even let her go down the building with him.

After Lu Xingzhi left, Jiang Yao turned to Wen Xuehui and said, “Let me help you with your bags!” She helped Wen Xuehui to move her bags in and reflexively put the bags on her upper bunk as she continued, “I’m Jiang Yao, what’s your name?”

“Wen Xuehui.” Wen Xuehui didn’t say anything about Jiang Yao’s actions. After giving it some thought, she figured that it wouldn’t be too bad to be bunkmates with this enthusiastic girl. At least, her first impression of this girl named Jiang Yao was pleasant.

However, Wen Xuehui blushed and got excited when she thought of the intimate scene she had witnessed when she entered the room. “Is he your boyfriend?”

“He is my husband,” Jiang Yao explained. “Lawful wedded husband. We’ve been married for a year.”

“Oh my goodness!” Apparently, Wen Xuehui didn’t expect to hear the word ‘husband’. After all, they were only freshmen. Although it wasn’t uncommon for girls to be married at this age, most of them were from impoverished families in the countryside whose parents would let allow them to start a family early.

On the other hand, Jiang Yao didn’t seem like a child of a poor family from the way she carried herself. Besides, after getting married, how many poor husbands would still allow their wives to go to college?

When these thoughts hovered in her mind, Wen Xuehui felt the itch from curiosity. She wished she could pester Jiang Yao into telling her more about herself. But it was their first meeting, she should be grateful that the girl was willing to reveal that the guy was her husband.

Even though there was no rule that prohibited the admission of married students, they didn’t encourage students to get married too early either.

Wen Xuehui was the only child of the president of Nanjiang Medical School and her family lived in Nanjiang City. Therefore, Jiang Yao wasn’t surprised to see Wen Xuehui’s scarce belongings. Wen Xuehui even brought her daily necessities from home. Jiang Yao could smell the unique fragrance of the laundry detergent from her body.

“I’m local, where are you from? I can take you to visit Nanjiang City at the weekends. Did you know that Nanjiang City has a diverse variety of local cuisine and delicacies? We also have a lot of historical and cultural relics for you to visit. Are you interested?” After Wen Xuehui was done, she thought for a second and then asked, “What major are you in?”